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Surnames Beginning With

FARBOUR Jennie 25 F W NY Arcadia 147
FASSETT Elisha 58 M W CT Arcadia 159
FAULDS Andw 33 M W Scotland Gale 214
FAULDS Elizth 21 F W Scotland Ettrick 185
FAULDS John 28 M W Scotland Trempealeau 265
FAULDS Peter 53 M W Scotland Gale 214
FAY Henry B 30 M W MA Burnside 173
FAY Lowell 63 M W MA Burnside 173
FELT Gustavus 58 M W Sweden Gale 208
FERDON John 39 M W NY Trempealeau 283
FERDON Lewis 21 M W WI Trempealeau 282
FERDON Martha 16 F W WI Gale 200
FERDON Thos 42 M W NY Trempealeau 270
FIELD James 48 M W England Trempealeau 276
FIELD Robert C 66 M W NY Sumner 249
FILTZ Anton 30 M W Prussia Trempealeau 277
FISHER Adam 52 M W France Arcadia 151
FISHER August 36 M W Bade. Trempealeau 284
FISHER Calvin 61 M W VT Gale 203
FISHER Charles W 23 M W NY Arcadia 153
FISHER Flavian 36 M W Bade. Trempealeau 285
FISHER Henry 36 M W Prussia Gale 209
FISHER Lewis 35 M W Prussia Arcadia 156
FISHER Madeline 12 F W NY Arcadia 151
FISK George 40 M W NY Burnside 169
FITCH Healy 29 M W Canada Lincoln 235
FLAHERTY Helen 50 F W Ireland Ettrick 197
FLEMINGTON A B 44 M W Scotland Trempealeau 276
FLUDE John A 22 M W Sweden Gale 208
FOLK Joseph 16 M W OH Sumner 248
FOLLETT George W 44 M W NH Lincoln 228
FORD Alfred P 40 M W NH Trempealeau 267
FORDEN Betsy 60 F W NY Hale 224
FORESTER Amasa 45 M W NY Sumner 258
FORSYTH Bent 35 M W Norway Gale 212
FOSTER Lilly 15 F W NY Trempealeau 270
FOX Albert 16 M W MN Arcadia 147
FOX Thomas 36 M W England Sumner 250
FOXEN Walter 1 M W IL Lincoln 234
FRASH Cathrina 17 F W Wurt. Gale 206
FRAZIER John 37 M W Canada Gale 208
FREDERICKSON Christian 30 M W Norway Hale 217
FREDERICKSON Frank 14 M W Norway Gale 204
FREDERICKSON Gilbert 16 M W Norway Gale 211
FREDERICKSON Ole 24 M W Norway Gale 211
FREDERICKSON Ole 35 M W Norway Hale 217
FREDERICKSON Rachel 25 F W Norway Gale 202
FREEMAN G Y 42 M W NY Gale 199
FREEMAN Henry 43 M W NY Lincoln 228
FREEMAN John 35 M W OH Arcadia 153
FRENCH Henry 35 M W ME Gale 198
FRENCH J C 60 M W ME Gale 203
FRIEBURG Wm 21 M W Germany Trempealeau 268
FRY Ann M 38 F W DE Trempealeau 263
FUGINA Michael 29 M W Austria Burnside 172
FULLER Isaac 55 M W NY Lincoln 234
FULLER William L 41 M W NY Sumner 259
FULTON Celia 14 F W IA Trempealeau 269

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