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Databases:  Government:  Arcadia's Mayors (1889 - 1992)

A listing of the mayors of the city of Arcadia from 1889 through 1992

* Donated by Merideth Morgan

LEHRBACK, Nic served in 1889
SELEK, Tim served in 1890
LEHRBACK, Nic served from 1891 through 1892
GAVENY, J C served in 1893
LEHRBACK, Nic served in 1894
GAVENY, J C served from 1895 through 1896
MAURER, Emil served in 1897
FERTIG, J M served in 1898
PAINE, F R served in 1899
MORE, Wm B served in 1900
DANUSER, L E served in 1901
MUIR, J C served from 1902 through 1903
BOBRNSTEDT, George served from 1904 through 1908
MUIR, J C served from 1909 through 1910
BOHRNSTEUR, George served from 1911 through 1913
WHOLGENANT, C served in 1914
BOHRNSTEDT, George served from 1915 through 1916
ROESCH, John served from 1917 through 1918
WEISENBERGER, George served from 1919 through 1920
MERGENER, Michael served from 1921 through 1922
KNUDTSON, Theo served from 1923 through 1924
MERGENER, Michael served in 1925
WEISENBERGER, George served from 1926 through 1927
SCHNEIDER, Jacob J served from 1928 through 1930
GEORGE, Matt W served in 1931
HUTZ, Jacob served from 1932 through 1933
VOGEL, Henry R served from 1934 through 1947
GLENSON, Clifford J served from 1947 through 1951
SCHROEDER, Otmer served from 1951 through 1952
GLEASON, Clifford J served from 1952 through 1953
SCHROEDER, Otmer served from 1953 through 1957
FELTES, Roman W served from 1957 through 1962
ANGST, Orvin E served from 1962 through 1970
KILLIAN, Eugene A served from 1970 through 1986
JENSEN, Morris L Jr served from 1986 through 1988
KILLIAN, Eugene served from 1988 through 1992
BAUTCH, Gary J served in 1992

Information for this database was obtained from the Mayors Walk Arcadia, Wisconsin in the Memorial Park a 54 acre park in tribute to veterans of all wars and conflicts.
June 26, 2001

We at Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb are deeply saddened to report that Merideth passed away in 2007.

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