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Databases:  Government:  Qualified Electors of the Town of Gale, as of 27 Oct 1865

Donated by Ruth Lindo

Transcribed from the Galesville Transcript, 27 October 1865 on page 8

Adams, Absolom
Adams, Noah
Amerson, Gilbert
Amerson, Peter
Amunson, Andrew
Anderson, Joseph
Arnold, A A
Austenson, Andrew
Averill, C E
Averill, Henry
Barclay, Thomas
Bartlett, Jeremy W
Beck, John
Bender, D J
Benete, Edward?
Bibby, John
Bibby, Joshua
Bibby, Richard
Bidwell, G
Bidwell, Porter
Bidwell, William
Bornitz, Lewis
Bowerman, Jacob
Brodho, Michael
Brophy, John
Brown, George
Browning, Samuel
Bruce, Robert
Burns, Patrick
Butman, Hiram
Butman, Stark
Button, Seth
Button, Ulysses
Cary, Absolom
Cheney, Lyman
Clare, John
Clark, Isaac
Clark, James B
Clark, William P
Cline, John
Collins, Richard
Comstock, N D
Conrad, Jacob
Cook, David
Corrigan, Patrick
Crombie, H M
Davidson, John
Dettinger, John
Dick, William
Elwood, Thomas
Emerson, Andrew
Emerson, Emery
Emerson, Peter
Fields, Henry
Freeman, George Y
French, Henry
French, John C
Frothingham, John
Gale, George
Gale, George W
Galloway, Isaac
Gallup, Arnold W
Gatherer, Andrew

Gilbert, Nathaniel D
Goodno, Dexter M
Grant, Richard
Grant, Thomas
Halstead, Harrison
Hanson, Michael
Hardie, James
Harris, S F
Harris, Samuel
Harth, Fredrick
Harth, Phillip
Heuston, B F
Hirsch, William
Howard, Edward
Hoyt, Jacob B
Hunter, Douglas
Hunter, John
Hunter, Peter
Hunter, Thomas
Hunter, Walter
Irvin, John Jr
Irvin, John Sr
Irvin, Walter
Jacob, James
Jacobs, George
Johnson, German
Johnson, John
Johnson, John Peter
Johnson, Mathias
Johnston, WA
Jones, John
Kennedy, Cornelius
Kennedy, Daniel Jr
Kennedy, Daniel Sr
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, John
Knook, Henry
Kottinger, Mark
Larson, Christian
Larson, Mathias
Lawson, David
Leith, Charles A
Luce, Samuel S
Mars, Brice
Mars, William
Marsh, Joseph W
Martin, John
McClary, Daniel
McCollum, Charles R
McCoy, John
McKeith, Daniel
McKeith, John
McKeith, William
McLaughlin, James Jr
McLaughlin, James Sr
McLaughlin, John
McMillan, John
McMillan, John E
Medd, John
Michaelson, Nels
Moody, James
Moughmer, George
Moughmer, Henry

Moughmer, Job
Nefsey, Daniel
Nelsonon, Jr
Odell, Levi L
Odell, Robert A
Oleson, Ole
Oleson, Otto
Oliver, Robert Jr
Oliver, Robert Sr
Oniel, James
Oniel, Terrence
Park, George
Parker, Ryland
Parker, Silas
Parker, William W
Perkin, Charles E
Post, Albert E
Post, Jacob
Prefer, Carl
Raichle, William
Rall, George
Read, William
Rifenburg, John
Root, John W
Russell, Thomas
Sackett, Noadiah
Sackett, Oliver
Sampson, Ole
Samson, James
Schmidt, William
Shaw, Thomas
Sheely, Wilson
Shoust, George
Shrake, William
Smith, George H
Smith, John
Sommerville, Robert
Stearns, George
Stearns, Monroe
Stearns, Nathaniel
Stellphlug Christian
Stellphlug, John
Stellphlug, Lewis
Stonson, Andrew
Syverson, Lars
Terpens, Abraham
Terpens, Calvin
Thael, John G ?
Thael, Thomas
Tronson, Andrew
Tull, John D
Uhl, George
Uhl, Michael
Uhl, Peter
Valance, Alexander
Vanslyke, D O
Warth, Thomas
Webber, Jeremiah
Whitecomb, Oliver
Williamson, S S
Wing, David
Wyman, Allen
Young, William M
Transcribed from the original on January 28, 2004 by Ruth Lindo, descendent of W A Johnston

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