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Databases:  Land:  Patrons from the 1878 Historical Atlas of Trempealeau Co.

Donated by Billie Pett

The information for this database includes the land patrons surname, given name, township in which the land was owned, the primary patron's occupation, birth location and when he/she arrived in Wisconsin:

ALEXANDER, S E, Lincoln, farmer, Ohio, 1867
ALLISON, W R, Burnside, physician and surgeon, St John’s NB, 1865
ARNOLD, Alex, Gale, state senator & cattle breeder, Rhinebeck NY, 1857
ARNOLD, William, Arcadia, farmer, NY, 1864
ATWOOD, Alson, Trempealeau, physician, VT, 1845

BARR, Samuel, Trempealeau, farmer & cooper, NY, 1842
BARTLETT, G W, Gale, blacksmith, ME, 1862
BARTLETT, H C, Lincoln, blacksmith, Maine, 1864
BAXTER, C K, Hale, clerk, Addison Co VT, 1859
BONUM, D S, Trempealeau, farmer, Pennsylvania, 1847
BORNITZ, Louis, Gale, farmer, Germany, 1858
BRADY, Jno, Trempealeau, farmer, County of Kilarney Ireland, 1859
BRIGGS, I A, Arcadia, farmer and brickmaker, Windsor VT, 1853
BRIGHT, Jesse, Hale, farmer, England, 1850
BURNS, W T, Trempealeau, farmer, NY, 1854
BUTMAN, Stark, Gale, farmer, Ohio, 1852

CADY, Andrew J, Lincoln, grocer, Clinton Co NY, 1844
CAIN, (no name listed), Burnside, carpenter, Maine, 1855
CAMP, Daniel, Lincoln, merchant, Waukesha WI, 
CAMPBELL, M H, Arcadia, farmer and merchant, Illinois, 1872
CARHART, A R, Trempealeau, farmer, NY, 1854
CASE, Peter, Arcadia, merchant, Putnam Co NY, 1855
CHAPMAN, John, Gale, proprietor Decora House, England, 1875
CLARK, Isaac, Gale, farmer, Franklin Me, 1855
CLEVELAND, C J, Trempealeau, farmer, NY, 1835
COATS, W E, Lincoln, grain dealer, McHenry Co IL, 1851
COOK, A S, Lincoln, farmer, England, 1865
COOK, Nelson, Trempealeau, farmer, NY, 1855
CORCORAN, James, Caledonia, farmer, Ireland, 1853
CUMMINGS, Edwin, Pigeon, farmer, Massachusetts, 1847
CUMMINGS, I P, Lincoln, farmer, Mass, 1844

DANUSER, Matthias, Arcadia, Saloon and restaurant, Switzerland, 1848
DAVIDSON, A S & Bro, Preston, operators & grain dealer, Canada, 1873
DAVIS, M R, Lincoln, farmer, NY, 1837
DAVIS, W H, Gale, clerk, Dundee Canada West, 1871
DAVIS, W, Gale, merchant and miller, Perry Co MO, 1865
DICK, William, Gale, farmer, Scotland, 1843
DOUGLAS, William, Gale, mason, ME, 1845

EDES, George E, Lincoln, editor & proprietor “Trempealeau County Messenger”, Maine, 1871
ERWIN, James, Lincoln, farmer, New Jersey, 1853

FERRING, L, Gale, blacksmith & hotel, ME, 1862
FERTIG, Martin, Arcadia, merchant, Bavaria Germany, 1868
FIELD, James, Trempealeau, farmer & carpenter, Kent Co England, 1849
FIELD, Stoddard, Sumner, merchant, Green Co NY, 1864
FISCHER, Henry, Gale, farmer, Germany, 1854
FLOYD, Russell, Lincoln, physician, Waushara Co WI, 
FOLLETT, G W, Pigeon, farmer, New Hampshire, 1854
FREEMAN, George, Gale, attorney at law, NY, 1848

GALE, George W, Gale, postmaster, Washington Co VT, 
GALE, Mrs Gertrude, Gale, widow hon George Gale,  , 
GALLOWAY, Isaac, Gale, farmer, England, 1853
GARBE, William, Arcadia, farmer, Prussia, 1854
GASEL, Brothers, Arcadia, merchants, Switzerland, 1856
GAVENY, James, Arcadia, farmer, Ireland, 1851
GILBERTSON, Gilbert O, Gale, merchant, Norway, 1857
GILLILAND, H, Gale, Reverend & professor, Ohio, 1864
GREEN, N L, Lincoln, pump manufacturer, Perry Co IL, 1866
GROVER, A, Trempealeau, farmer, Oxford Co ME, 1844

HARDIE, James, Gale, farmer, Scotland, 1854
HARRIS, Abner, Trempealeau, broker & merchant, NY, 1855
HEALY, Benjamin, Trempealeau, farmer & lumberman, Worcester Mass, 1850
HENSEL, Charles, Arcadia, (no occupation listed), Milwaukee WI, 1847
HOLBERT, H W, Preston, farmer, Ohio, 1862
HOLLENBECK, C E, Arcadia, lumber dealer, New York, 1841
HUFF, E J, Caledonia, blacksmith, Norway, 1847

IMMELL, F M, Preston, farmer & lumber dir, Ohio, 1850
INGALLS, F W & M E, Lincoln, farming & hotel, Caledonia VT, 1854

JOHNSON, C, Gale, farmer, Norway, 1855
JOHNSON, Edward, Lincoln, blacksmith & wagon maker, Norway, 1857

KENNEDY, Daniel, Gale, farmer, NY, 1855
KENNEDY, James, Gale, farmer & stockbroker, NY, 1853
KNEELAND, AH, Gale, farmer & merchant, NY, 1855
KNIGHT, A C, Lincoln, wagon maker, NH, 1845
KNUDTSON, Oley, Lincoln, farmer & blacksmith, Norway, 1859
KRIBS, Aaron, Gale, hardware, Dodgeville WI, 
KRIBS, David, Arcadia, county treasurer, Canada, 1847
KRIBS, F H, Trempealeau, hardware dealer, Canada, 1846
KUTZ, J, Arcadia, wagonmaker, Prussia, 1865

LAMBERSON, John, Lincoln, farmer, Pennsylvania, 1856
LEE, O J, Preston, dealer agricultural machinery, Norway, 1868
LEE, William, Trempealeau, farmer, Waldo Co Maine, 1851
LEWIS, Frank L, Arcadia, physician and surgeon,  VT, 1867
LOUW, Wessell, Preston, farmer, Ulster Co NY, 1854
LOW, James F, Hale, farmer, Scotland, 1867
LUSK, James, Hale, farmer, Connecticut, 1839

MALONEY, David, Hale, farmer, Cork Ireland, 1856
MARKHAM, George, Burnside, farmer, England, 1856
MAURER, John, Arcadia, flour and feed dealer, Switzerland, 1855
McCARTY, J, farmer & lime dealer, County of Kilarney Ireland, 1856
McDONAH, William, Trempealeau, farmer, VT, 1851
MCFARLAND, G, Hale, farmer & blacksmith, Hancock Co ME, 1854
McKEATH, John, Gale, farmer, NY, 1854
McKEATH, William, Gale, farmer, NY, 1854
McLEAN, M J, Preston, physician, Jefferson Co NY, 1871
McNETT, L D, Lincoln, farmer, Pennsylvania, 1845
MELBY, John O, Gale, register of deeds, Christiana Norway, 
MELCHOIR, Jacob, Trempealeau, brewer & hotel, Prussia, 1859
MERGENER, Nicholas, Arcadia, (no occupation listed), Prussia, 1852
MERWIN, James, Trempealeau, farmer, England, 1856
MILBURN, William, Trempealeau, farmer, England, 1856
MILLER, H T, Arcadia, farmer and miller, NY, 1850
MUIR, J C, Arcadia, farmer and grain dealer, Scotland, 1856
MULLIGAN, M, Gale, attorney at law, Connecticut, 1865

NEWMAN, A W, Trempealeau, Circuit judge & attorney, Durham NY, 1858

OAKES, C H, Lincoln, proprietor Empire House, Franklin Co ME, 1876
OGDEN, J R, Gale, furniture dealer, Erie Co NY, 1852
OLDS, George H, Lincoln, postmaster, Chenango Co NY, 1853
OLIVER, Robert, Gale, farmer, Scotland, 1855
OLSON, Syver, Hale, farmer, Strange Norway, 1865

PARKER, Silas, Hale, farmer, NY, 1841
PARKER, W W, Gale, butcher & cattle dealer, NY, 1842
PEDERSEN, Iven, Caledonia, merchant & hotel, Norway, 1872
PERKINS, Charles, Gale, judge of probate court, Hartland VT, 1856
PERKINS, John, Trempealeau, farmer, Crawford Co WI, 1832
PETERSON, Ole, Arcadia, merchant, Wineland Sweden, 1868
PIERCE, A E, Arcadia, farmer, NY, 1843
PORTER, Langdon, Trempealeau, farmer, Ohio, 1840

QUACKENBUSH, George, Hale, farmer, NY, 1840

RAICHLE, William, Gale, farmer, Germany, 1854
RALL, George, Gale, farmer, Germany, 1857
RHODES, Henry, Trempealeau, farmer, England, 1842
RHODES, John, Trempealeau, farmer, England, 1842
RICHMOND, S, Gale, principal graded school, NY, 1870
RICKER, Leonard, Pigeon, farmer, Summerset ME, 1866
ROBERTSON, R L, Arcadia, farmer, NY, 1855

SALSMAN, John, farmer, NY, 1844
SCOTT, C E, Lincoln, merchant, Jefferson Co NY, 1865
SHERWOOD, A L, Lincoln, farmer & teacher, NY, 1844
SHERWOOD, Elsie, Lincoln, (no occupation listed), Dane Co WI, 1854
SHRAKE, Fred T, Gale, farmer, Jackson Co Ohio, 1844
SIEWERT, William, Trempealeau, farmer & miller, Germany, 1857
SMART, George, Arcadia, depot agent, Waukesha Co WI, 
SMITH, George, Caledonia, farmer, Yorkshire England, 1848
STERNS, Nathaniel & Sons, Gale, farmers & stave manufacturers, Dearing NH, 1856
STRANDE, O T, Preston, farmer, (no birth location or arrival date listed) 
STRANDE, P O, Lincoln, farmer & merchant, Norway, 1864
STRATTON, Henry, Lincoln, farmer, Ohio, 1853
SUTCLIFFE, Thomas, Trempealeau, farmer & weaver, England, 1851

TERPING, John, farmer, Pennsylvania, 1870
TESSER, Mrs WT, Burnside, farmer, Nova Scotia, 1863
THOMPSON, D B, Gale, butcher, Franklin Co Mass, 1854
THORGOARD, Henry, Preston, farmer & miller, Norway, 1854
TORR, J W, Gale, farmer and clothier, York Co Canada, 1864
TRACY, Edwin J, Arcadia, furniture dealer, NY, 1871

WARNER, W J, Hale, farmer, Cork Ireland, 1858
WATSON, D S, Hale, farmer, NY, 1842
WEEKS, L, Preston, farmer, Otsego Co NY, 1843
WEGNER, Charlie Lorenz, Hale, farmer, Prussia, 1857
WHITE, M, Burnside, farmer, Hodgson Co ME, 1853
WHITING, Amos, Trempealeau, farmer & ex-school superintendent, Douglas Co Mass, 1843
WHITNEY, L H, Lincoln, furniture dealer & Justice of the Peace, Lee Co Iowa, 1850
WHITNEY, M J, Hale, farmer and JP, NY, 1850
WILCOX, Ephraim, Trempealeau, nurseryman, NY, 1842
WILKINS, Edmund, Trempealeau, farmer, England, 1861
WILLIAMSON, A G, Gale, stone mason,  Maine,  1863
WING, B F, Lincoln, merchant, Trumball Co Ohio, 1856
WOOD, David, Lincoln, farmer, NY, 1849
WRIGHT, B G, Pigeon, miller & lumber dealer, Upper Canada, 1847
WRIGHT, Silas E, Pigeon, farmer & Miller, Michigan, 1857

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