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The following names were listed in the Galesville Transcript, from August 22, 1862, on page 4.

                                                          Donated by Joan Benner

ALLEN, Justin from Preston Township
ARMSTRONG, L P from Preston Township

BARNARD, Edward from Gale Township
BATCHELDER, Wm C from Caledonia Township
BECK, Andrew A from Gale Township
BENSON, Eugene from Gale Township
BETTS, Oscar B from Trempealeau Township
BISHOP, Colins from Arcadia Township
BOHRNSTEDT, John from Gale Township
BOOTH, Albert from Trempealeau Township
BOYNTON, John from Caledonia Township
BREED, Shubael from Lincoln Township

CARTWRIGHT, Edward from Gale Township
CARY, Charles A from Gale Township
CASE, Geo F from Arcadia Township
CHAPPELL, Darius D from Caledonia Township
CLARK, Alex from Gale Township
COOK, Chauncy H from Gale Township
COOK, Robert from Trempealeau Township
CRANDALL, Benjamin E from Gale Township
CULLITY, Daniel from Gale Township
CUMMINGS, C H from Lincoln Township

DAVIS, James from Arcadia Township
DETINGER, John from Gale Township
DEWEY, Daniel C from Arcadia Township
DOWD, Samuel from Lincoln Township

FAULDS, J from Gale Township
FAULDS, John A from Gale Township

GARDNER, Milton H from Arcadia Township
GILFILLAN, D W from Trempealeau Township
GILL, Harry E from Lincoln Township
GILLIES, James from Trempealeau Township

HARRIS, Silvanus from Gale Township
HEATON, Joseph from Trempealeau Township

ILGEN, Julius B from Caledonia Township

JAMES, Jared P from Trempealeau Township
JOHNSON, Peter from Preston Township
JOHNSON, Samuel A from Trempealeau Township

KENNEDY, Cornelius from Gale Township
KING, Isaac R from Trempealeau Township
KITMAN, Alonzo from Trempealeau Township
KNUDSON, Knut from Preston Township
KOTTENGER, Herman from Gale Township

LAPHAM, Jonathon A from Gale Township
LEVINE, Moses from Gale Township
LEWIS, Alonzo C from Trempealeau Township
LOUW, Wm from Preston Township

MANN, Lemuel from Caledonia Township
MARTIN, John from Gale Township
MASON, Rev Thomas from Gale Township
MAUGHMER, H W from Gale Township
MCCALLUM, C R from Gale Township
MILEN, Martin from Preston Township

NASH, Whip from Trempealeau Township

O'NEIL, John from Gale Township
OLDS, A M from Caledonia Township
OLESON, Ebrat from Preston Township
OLSON, Andrew from Preston Township

PARKER, Silas from Gale Township
PENNEY, John R from Arcadia Township
PORTER, Duke from Preston Township
PROCTOR, Henry from Arcadia Township
PYNN, M R from Gale Township

REINHARTT, Wm from Caledonia Township
REYNOLDS, Ethan L from Trempealeau Township
RICHLE, John from Gale Township

SANDERS, James S from Gale Township
SCHMENGLER, John from Gale Township
SEGAR, C L from Trempealeau Township
SEGAR, Geo S T from Trempealeau Township
SHAW, William from Trempealeau Township
SHRAKE, Frederick from Trempealeau Township
SIENGER, Christian from Gale Township
SMITH, J R from Trempealeau Township
SMITH, John from Trempealeau Township
STRATTON, Henry C from Lincoln Township

THOMPSON, Wm from Preston Township
TOWNER, Henry from Caledonia Township
TRIM, William from Trempealeau Township
TRUDELL, Amos from Arcadia Township
TRUMAN, John from Arcadia Township
TRUMAN, William A from Arcadia Township
TURNER, Charles K from Trempealeau Township

VANSCHAICK, Henry from Arcadia Township
VANSLYKE, Augustus from Gale Township
VANSLYKE, Rev D O from Gale Township

WADE, David W from Lincoln Township
WADE, Edward F from Lincoln Township
WEBB, George W from Trempealeau Township
WILBER, Edwin L from Trempealeau Township
WILCOX, T C from Trempealeau Township
WOODWARD, Lyman from Trempealeau Township

YOUNG, David from Gale Township

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