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Databases: Vital Records: Pre-1907 Marriage Indices

Brides surnames beginning with "I"

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  • IGO, N Bridget married to CLOW, William on 07 Jul 1868 at Trempealeau
  • IMMELL, Emma Marian married to DEBOW, Willard P on 22 Jun 1893 at Blair
  • IMMELL, Nellie C married to DEBOW, Hollis L on 02 Jul 1899 at (none listed)
  • INGALLS, Elizabeth married to INGALLS, Moses D on 13 Apr 1889 at Whitehall
  • INGALLS, Ella A married to ROMANDER, Edward on 19 Sep 1878 at Trempealeau Co
  • INGALLS, Eva T married to BECK, Charles A on 11 May 1872 at Trempealeau
  • INGALLS, Lilian M married to GIBBONS, Frank W on 03 Jul 1894 at Arcadia
  • INGEBREGTSDATTER, Malene married to PETERSON, Peter G on 17 Jan 1887 at Ettrick
  • INGEBRETSON, Christine married to PEDERSON, Nels on 04 May 1885 at Hale
  • INGEBRETSON, Johanne married to BIRI, Simon Olson on 10 Apr 1882 at Unity
  • INGEBRETSON, Marit married to JACOBSON, Ingebright on 19 Nov 1884 at Unity
  • INGEVILSON, Anna married to THOMPSON, Andrew on 13 Mar 1878 at Ettrick
  • INGLES, Frances E married to ALEXANDER, Samuel E on 04 Jul 1869 at Lincoln
  • INSTENES, Anna married to OLSON, Albert on 04 Jun 1898 at Ettrick
  • INSTENES, Anna Dortea married to SOLFEST, Samuel Andreas on 03 Jun 1894 at Chimney Rock
  • INSTENES, Anne Marie married to SPANGBERG, Christ J on 30 Jun 1899 at Chimney Rock
  • INSTENES, Minnie married to SLETTEN, Carl on 18 Jun 1907 at Chimney Rock
  • IRECZEK, Anna married to PROCHOWICZ, Joseph on 09 Nov 1891 at Pine Creek
  • IRVIN, Mary A married to JOHNSON, Ralph on 03 Oct 1888 at Galesville
  • IRVINE, Alice married to BAIRD, William Wilson on 19 Apr 1899 at Galesville
  • IRVINE, Annie L married to GROVER, John on 10 Sep 1890 at Trempealeau
  • IRVINE, Evelyn Eva married to CLEMENS, Claude C on 26 Oct 1904 at Trempealeau
  • IRVINE, Gertrude married to PIERSON, Charles R on 24 Jun 1903 at Trempealeau
  • IRVINE, Katie J married to RAND, Thomas B on 23 May 1878 at Gale
  • IRVINE, Margaret married to BURR, Alexander on 08 Apr 1859 at (none listed)
  • IRVINE, Myrtle B married to RAICHLE, William F on 22 Aug 1906 at Galesville
  • IRVINE, Rosanna married to GORDON, Daniel  on 03 Nov 1860 at Galesville
  • IRWIN, Joyce Wells married to HOGAN, John D on 12 Jan 1897 at Galesville
  • IRWIN, Margaret married to PARK, John on 12 Apr 1888 at Galesville
  • ISACKSON, Kirstin M married to KJONTVEDT, Hellek H on 07 Mar 1888 at Unity
  • ISOM, Lura married to CARTER, Sidney J on 13 Apr 1902 at Sumner
  • IVERBERG, Anna Benetta married to BARNESON, Isaac on 20 Dec 1901 at Albion
  • IVERSDOTTER, Inger married to IVERSON, John on 02 Feb 1873 at Naples, Buffalo Co WI
  • IVERSDOTTER, Tanette married to PAULSEN, Anton on 06 Sep 1874 at Ettrick
  • IVERSON, Bertha married to LARSON, David on 03 Jul 1889 at Pigeon Falls
  • IVERSON, Caroline married to NIELSON, Hans H on 05 May 1902 at Pigeon Falls
  • IVERSON, Carrie married to SYVERSON, Olef on 23 Dec 1873 at Preston
  • IVERSON, Carrie married to HALVORSON, Ole on 01 Nov 1881 at Whitehall
  • IVERSON, Emilie married to HOVRE, John Olson on 31 May 1899 at French Creek
  • IVERSON, Gwin?k married to ANDERSON, Nils on 03 Jan 1862 at Preston
  • IVERSON, Hanna married to JOHNSON, Andrew on 17 Sep 1891 at Pigeon
  • IVERSON, Ingeborg married to HANSON, Hans on 17 May 1883 at Albion
  • IVERSON, Lena married to JOHNSON, Elling on 23 Nov 1892 at Blair
  • IVERSON, Marie married to ELIASON, Ole on 04 Apr 1882 at Albion
  • IVERSON, Millie married to NILSESTUEN, Martin on 15 Mar 1903 at Ettrick

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