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Databases: Vital Records: Pre-1907 Marriage Indices

Brides surnames beginning with "V"

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  • VAIL, Anna married to PRESTON, G W on 23 Dec 1869 at Lincoln
  • VAIL, Solmini D married to BAKER, Stephen J on 17 Jan 1871 at Lincoln
  • VALER, Olava H married to TOPPEN, Jens A on 25 Oct 1888 at Gale
  • VALLENIG, Margrete Andersdatter married to JOHANNESEN, Johannes O on 28 Mar 1880 at Ettrick
  • VAN INGON, Lizzie Adell married to RHODES, Charles Wesley on 12 Oct 1893 at Trempealeau
  • VAN MATER, Emeline married to OLSON, Rudolph M on 21 Jul 1889 at Trempealeau
  • VAN SICKLE, Carrie M married to WELLER, William W on 27 Aug 1882 at Lincoln
  • VAN SICKLE, Cora A married to RUMSEY, Erwin Leroy on 04 Jul 1889 at Lincoln
  • VAN SICKLE, Hattie married to TAYLOR, John Jr on 17 Jun 1877 at Preston
  • VAN SICKLE, Jennie married to THOMPSON, William F on 04 Jul 1887 at Blair
  • VAN SLYKE, Gertie married to JARCHOW, John C on 03 May 1893 at Trempealeau
  • VAN SLYKE, Narcissa G married to STEARNS, Orion Eugene on 22 Aug 1869 at Galesville
  • VAN TASSEL, Hariet A married to DAKE, Edwin J on 25 Dec 1873 at Hale
  • VAN TASSEL, Iva Rose married to HERRICK, Alfred James on 24 Aug 1904 at Whitehall
  • VAN TASSEL, Olive Jane married to PIKE, Edgar Eugene on 09 Jan 1881 at Hale
  • VAN VLEET, Ella married to EMBERSON, Albert on 22 May 1895 at Trempealeau Co
  • VAN VLEET, Emma Margret married to KOPP, Ernest on 28 Nov 1906 at Trempealeau
  • VAN VLEET, Esther married to STEVENS, Elisha on 10 Dec 1890 at Trempealeau
  • VAN VLEET, Ruby E married to HAMMOND, John on 01 Jun 1898 at Trempealeau
  • VANBURN, Mary Jane married to SYKES, Benjamin on 11 Apr 1871 at Trempealeau
  • VANDERBERG, Della married to HARNDEN, Ziba on 24 Oct 1896 at Whitehall
  • VANDERLAAN, Grietje married to FOPPAS, John on 13 Nov 1895 at Caledonia
  • VANDERZEE, Mary married to KNAPP, Hiram J on 24 Jun 1874 at Trempealeau
  • VANNETTEN, Elizabeteh Melvina married to TOMLINSON, Thomas James on 08 May 1864 at Trempealeau
  • VANSLYKE, Celina Orlina married to DAVIS, Avery J on 01 Jan 1864 at Galesville
  • VANSLYKE, Herma G married to MAYNE, Wm A on 20 Apr 1867 at Galesville
  • VARNUM, Maria married to TIFFANY, Joseph on 06 Jun 1875 at Galesville
  • VARSECHA, Victoria married to KUCERA, Bartholomew on 26 May 1884 at Arcadia
  • VEGUIN, Anna Karoline married to TORP, John Edwin on 07 Nov 1896 at Pigeon Falls
  • VENIN, Ingeborg married to JOHNSON, Iver on 18 Feb 1885 at Chimney Rock
  • VERNON, Ellen married to ANGEL, Franklin Charles on 24 Nov 1881 at Trempealeau Co
  • VERNON, Jane married to WILLIAMS, James B on 19 Dec 1875 at Blair
  • VERNON, Jennie married to DALE, Joseph H on 28 Feb 1893 at Galesville
  • VESTA, Emma married to WILSON, James Howard on 12 Sep 1895 at Osseo
  • VESTLIE, Nella M married to BLIKSRUD, Anton A on 24 Jul 1887 at Eau Claire Co WI
  • VEUM, Sina H (Miss) married to LARSON, Ole E on 06 Jun 1894 at Chimney Rock
  • VILES, Eva L married to DUTTON, Arthur S on 10 Nov 1878 at Trempealeau
  • VINCENT, Annie A married to HOWES, David S on 29 Sep 1877 at Galesville
  • VINJU, Gnete L married to LINDRU, Torger Olsen on 13 Dec 1884 at Trempealeau Co
  • VINKEL, Louisa married to REPLA, George on 30 Jun 1876 at Arcadia
  • VIRGOS, Victoria married to GOSTOMERYK, Stephan on 23 Feb 1886 at Dodge
  • VIVELSTAD, Mina married to HAGEN, Nicolai Melvin on 28 Jan 1905 at Pigeon Falls
  • VIVERSTAD, Nanna married to DITTINGER, George on 03 Mar 1900 at French Creek
  • VOGEL, Carrie married to KINDCHY, Ben G on 31 Oct 1901 at Arcadia
  • VOGT, Emelie married to MASEPOHL, Ernst on 10 Jun 1886 at Arcadia
  • VOLD, Anne Christine married to BRAGER, Oscar on 11 Mar 1897 at Lincoln
  • VOLD, Inger Olive married to RICE, Gilbert S on 30 May 1895 at Whitehall
  • VOLD, Maren married to SKAUGE, Christopher O on 30 May 1895 at Whitehall
  • VOLD, Theoline married to PEDERSON, John S on 19 Jun 1897 at Lincoln
  • VON RUDEN, Barnarda married to SCOTT, James W on 28 Nov 1887 at Arcadia
  • VOSS, Anna M married to BEARDSLEY, Elam on 14 Nov 1887 at Galesville
  • VOSS, Miss Mary married to BEARDSLEY, Orie on 21 Mar 1901 at Caledonia
  • VUKA, Susanna married to HALAMA, Thomas on 23 Jan 1871 at Arcadia

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