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Databases:  Vital Records:  Pre-1907 Marriage Indices

surnames beginning with "V"

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  • VALENTINE, Louis Lincoln married to PAUL, Anna Louisa on 24 Nov 1898 at Arcadia
  • VALENTINUS, Ressler married to BAUTCZ, Anna on 08 Feb 1898 at North Creek
  • VAN BENSCHOTEN, Le Roy married to ALLEN, Mary M on 11 Apr 1882 at Whitehall
  • VAN DRASHEK, John C married to LARSON, Mary on 01 Apr 1897 at Trempealeau
  • VAN GORDEN, Loren G married to PRATT, Luella L on 09 Sep 1903 at Independence
  • VAN GORDEN, Samuel married to SCHOEWE, Hulda on 09 Oct 1897 at Trempealeau
  • VAN HOESEN, Curtis D married to FIELD, Lizzie M on 23 Sep 1879 at Osseo
  • VAN INGEN, George W married to MOONEY, Mary on 28 Mar 1895 at Centerville
  • VAN RIPER, Henry married to STUVE, Clara on 19 Sep 1905 at Ettrick
  • VAN SICKLE, Albion E married to LENNON, Mary Ann on 18 Dec 1888 at Preston
  • VAN SICKLE, Alvah William married to THOMPSON, Grace Evelyn on 27 Jun 1907 at Preston
  • VAN SICKLE, Elias L married to HARRIS, Arilla on 24 Nov 1870 at Preston
  • VAN SICKLE, Ira L Forrest married to DESSMORE, Mary E on 01 Jan 1881 at Pigeon
  • VAN SICKLE, Levi married to WOOD, Mary on 01 Oct 1865 at Lincoln
  • VAN SICKLE, William E married to BRAINARD, Hattie on 09 Oct 1870 at Preston
  • VAN SLYKE, Charles S married to CHAPIN, Ida C on 19 Oct 1876 at Trempealeau
  • VAN SLYKE, Frank R married to WRIGHT, Addea on 15 Apr 1877 at Trempealeau
  • VAN SLYKE, Melvin D married to NEWCOMB, Evaline on 05 Nov 1902 at Arcadia
  • VAN TASSEL, Frances married to MANTEATH, Hannah L on 28 Oct 1874 at Burnside
  • VAN TASSEL, Hudson married to KNUDTSON, Sophia on 01 Mar 1902 at Whitehall
  • VAN TASSEL, James Oliver married to WAGNER, Clara Amelia on 24 Mar 1878 at Hale
  • VANCE, Wm Washington married to KELLY, Marcella Isabella on 29 Sep 1867 at Lincoln
  • VANDER BLOEMAN, Frank married to MAIER, Gertrude on 13 Jan 1903 at Arcadia
  • VARNEY, Paul H married to CAMPBELL, Laura J on 13 Jan 1871 at Trempealeau
  • VEITS, Hesekiah P married to NAGLE, Margaret on 25 Dec 1871 at Trempealeau
  • VERNEN, George married to FOSTER, Addie on 02 Feb 1867 at Trempealeau
  • VESTBY, Herman A married to JOHNSON, Inga M on 18 Mar 1893 at Blair
  • VESTLIE, Helmer N married to ANDERSON, Kari on 20 Dec 1896 at Unity
  • VICK, Alfred O married to JOHNSON, Inga L on 08 Oct 1902 at Blair
  • VIGENSTAD, Knut A married to AMUNDSDOTTER, Bertine on 05 Dec 1874 at Ettrick
  • VIK, Andreas N married to OLSON, Olava on 05 Jun 1887 at Albion
  • VINCENT, Ira B married to WORTH, Kate M on 20 Jul 1881 at Gale
  • VINSAND, Andrew A married to GULLIKSON, Betse O on 07 Mar 1892 at Chimney Rock
  • VIRGIL, Henry married to WOOLEY, Mathilda Jane on 15 Feb 1880 at Trempealeau
  • VOLD, H O married to THOMPSON, Inger Marie on 03 Jul 1896 at Lincoln
  • VOLD, Ole O married to RUDD, Ingre M on 24 Oct 1885 at Preston
  • VOLD, Tomas O married to SPANGERUD, Emilie on 10 Oct 1894 at Whitehall
  • VOLDEN, Ever E married to LARSON, Maria on 21 Nov 1884 at Pigeon Falls
  • VOLSNESS, Iner married to NEDGAARDEN, Martha on 06 Sep 1902 at Chimney Rock
  • VON SENDEN, Franz married to MELSNESS, Randine on 07 Feb 1887 at Strum
  • VON WINIPFLEN, Baron Felrect Felix married to MELCHIOR, Maria Manderfeld on 10 Nov 1875 at Trempealeau
  • VOSSERBURGER, Charles married to ZELLER, Mary on 24 Apr 1883 at Meyers Valley
  • VRAALSTAD, Kristian married to ERICKSON, Guri on 05 Jan 1891 at Preston

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