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Databases:  Vital Records:  Pre-1907 Marriage Indices

surnames beginning with "Z"

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  • ZABINSKI, Daniel married to BAMBINECK, Rosalia on 26 Nov 1888 at Pine Creek
  • ZABINSKI, John married to KREJCY, Eva on 17 Feb 1890 at Trempealeau Co
  • ZABINSKI, Joseph married to HERMANN, Magdalen on 01 Feb 1904 at Pine Creek
  • ZABINSKI, Joseph married to KISTOWSKI, Martha on 14 Sep 1896 at Pine Creek
  • ZABROCKI, Andrew married to LOSINSKA, Anna on 15 Feb 1898 at Pine Creek
  • ZALESKI, Anthony married to DUBIEL, Mary on 23 Apr 1885 at Independence
  • ZALEWSKI, Anton married to WALEK, Josepha on 16 Jan 1893 at Independence
  • ZANDER, August W married to SAUERSSIG, Christina on 10 Dec 1901 at Galesville
  • ZARSTROW, Frederick W married to WOLF, Albertine A on 07 Mar 1885 at Arcadia
  • ZELA, Charles married to OWCZARZ, Francis on 16 Jun 1903 at North Creek
  • ZELA, John married to GIEMZA, Anna on 22 Oct 1901 at North Creek
  • ZELLA, Paul married to KASPAL, Paulina on 14 Nov 1893 at Independence
  • ZELLA, Urban married to SKRICK, Anna on 22 May 1874 at Trempealeau Co
  • ZELLER, Fred married to HAENS, Mary on 19 Nov 1881 at Trempealeau Co
  • ZERBACH, Herman married to GREENE, Florence E on 10 Jul 1898 at Galesville
  • ZHE, Alexander H married to MCCALLUM, Eve M on 21 Mar 1888 at Galesville
  • ZIEGWEID, George A married to KLUBERTANS, Mary on 03 Oct 1893 at Arcadia
  • ZIMMER, Milton H married to BACK, Nettie M on 23 Nov 1895 at Independence
  • ZIMMERMAN, Albert August married to SIEWERT, Mathilda on 12 Mar 1896 at Arcadia
  • ZIMMERMAN, Joseph married to DAY, Linetta on 19 Sep 1875 at Osseo
  • ZINDEL, Bernard married to BEVERIDGE, Helen T on 20 Jun 1898 at Arcadia
  • ZMUDA, Anthony married to JERECZEK, Rosalia on 07 Feb 1876 at Pine Creek
  • ZOTDOWSKI, John married to KOKOT, Rosalia on 17 Nov 1890 at Arcadia
  • ZYLLA, Albert A married to ZYLLA, Annie on 26 Apr 1904 at Independence
  • ZYLLA, Andrew married to MARSZOTEIT, Agnes on 15 Nov 1887 at Independence
  • ZYLLA, Jacob G married to MAUKA, Anna Bernardia on 01 Feb 1898 at Independence
  • ZYLLA, Jakob married to KLIMEK, Mary on 29 Oct 1895 at Independence
  • ZYLLA, John married to MOEZKO, Agnes on 09 Feb 1892 at Independence
  • ZYWICKI, John married to ZABINSKA, Johanna on 27 Nov 1893 at Pine Creek

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