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Histories:  Trempealeau Co. Historical Accounts:

"History of Northern Wisconsin, 1881":

Societies in Arcadia

-As transcribed from page 1055


Arcadia Lodge, No. 201, A., F. & A. M., was organized under a dispensation granted May 10, 1875, under which it worked until June 13, 1876, when it was regularly chartered, with Stephen Putnam, W. M.; D. B. Stitt, S. W. and G. E. Bradt, J, W. The lodge now numbers forty-two members, with Stephen Putnam, W. M. John Muir, S. W.; David Holcomb, J. W.; F. C. Allen, S. D.: S. T. Robertson, J. D.; W. C. Brooks, Secretary; James Gavney, Treasurer, and John Dennis, Tiler. Meetings are regularly convened every second Tuesday in the lodge rooms on Main street, and the value of lodge property is quoted at $500.

Until recently the Odd Fellows supported a lodge in the village, but meetings have been discontinued, and the charter has been surrendered.

Arcadia Lodge, No. 24, A. O. U. W., was organized April 24, 1878, with twelve members and the following officers: Dr. M. W. Waterman, P. M. W.; Dr. George N. Hidershide, M. W.; Peter Richtman, G. F.; Timothy Selck, O.; George Joos, G.; Jacob Schneller, I. W.; Christian Von Wald, O. W.; N. Mueller, Recorder; Charles Hensel, Financier; G. Gasal, Receiver. Since that date the membership has increased to forty-two, and a gratifying degree of prosperity has attended the society. The present officers are: A. E. Smith, P. M. W.; George Smart, M. W.; John Maurer, G. F.; T. Edelback, O.; Timothy Selck, G.; John Bion, I. W.; Anton Frohn, O. W.; G. Gasal, Receiver; A. E. Smith, Financier, and Joseph Farlin, Recorder. The organization is in a flourishing condition, and meetings are held weekly on Thursday evenings.

Trempealeau County Bank was established at Whitehall May 10, 1878, and, after remaining a year at that point, removed to Arcadia, where it became an established fact June 1, 1879. The bank is a private undertaking, incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin, carrying a capital of $25,000, and doing a general banking, exchange, real estate and loan agencies.

The officers are: James H. Allen, President, and Frank C. Allen, Cashier.

The cemetery comprises a small tract of land one mile southeast of the village, set apart by the town of Arcadia for burial purposes early in the sixties. It is under the control of the town officers, and though it has been platted and appropriately laid out is susceptible of improvement. This, it is anticipated, will be accomplished at an early day.

The Arcadia Mineral Springs are situated about half a mile west of the village, in a romantic and beautiful spot, and, their waters, it is claimed, are composed of the best health-giving properties for the cure of dyspepsia, liver, kidney and stomach complaints and other physical derangements. It was discovered in 1878, on lands belonging to George Hiles, and the virtue of the waters induced Mr. Hiles to complete its development, and contract for the erection of a large and handsomely designed hotel for the accommodation of those desirous of testing the qualities of the waters. The building was quite completed during the spring of 1879, when it was destroyed by fire and the project abandoned. The spring is much sought by villagers and residents of the county generally as a remedial agent. The following is the analysis:

                            GRAINS                                                           GRAINS.
            Free carbonate acid............    4,2346.                    Sulphate of sodium .......    .3658.
            Bicarbonate of sodium ......... 51,6598.                    Sulphate of potassium ....  .2616.
            Bicarbonate of magnesium....  9,2834.                    Chloride of sodium .........    3121.
            Bicarbonate of calcium......... 15,9886.                    Alumina.....................        1121.
            Bicarbonate of iron..................  .6821                     Silica...................          2,3416.
            Total............. ............................................                                               85,1918.

Also slight traces of bicarbonate of manganese, phosphate of sodium, iodide of sodium and organic matter.

Mail facilities of an indifferent and wholly unreliable character were endured by the pioneers, until their increase in numbers demanded more adequate conveniences, and a post office was opened in Old Arcadia, under the official charge of G. D. Dewey. This was in 1859, or thereabouts, since which date the affairs of the service have been successfully administered.

The office was retained in Old Arcadia at such places as were selected by succeeding Postmasters, when it was removed to Lower Town, where the office is still retained.

The following officials have served since the establishment of the office by the Department: G. D. Dewey, G. T. Strong, J. D. Rainey, George Matschenberchen, M. H. Campbell, James A. Quinn and James Gavney, the present incumbent.

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