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Histories:  Trempealeau County Historical Accounts:

"History of Trempealeau County Wisconsin, 1917":

Chapter 14:

-As transcribed from pages 270 - 271

Albion is the ancient name for England, still applied in poetry.

Arcadia is the name given to the township by Mrs. David Bishop, who was afterward Mrs. Sarah Mercer.  It was suggested by Noah Comstock from the real or fancied resemblance of the valley to the state of Arcadia in ancient Greece, a beautiful locality, the inhabitants of which, according to the ancient poets, enjoyed a peaceful and happy life.

Burnside was named after Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside (born 1824, died 1881), for a short time commander of the Army of the Potomac in the Civil War.

Chimney Rock is named from a conspicuous landmark within its boundaries.

Caledonia is the Latin name for Scotland.  It was applied to the present township by Alex. and Donald McGilvray, and other early Scotch settlers.

Dodge was named from William E. Dodge, philanthropist; a prominent financier for many years in New York.  He was associated with John I. Blair, Moses Taylor, Joseph H. Scranton, E. F. Hatfield and others in the construction of the Green Bay & Western Railroad and was also connected with many philanthropic institutions and at one time was the treasurer of the Protestant Syrian College at Constantinople, Turkey.

Ettrick was named from Ettrick Forest in Scotland, as described in Scott's Marmion.  It was given by John Cance.

Gale and Galesville took their names from Judge George Gale, who also gave his name to Gale College.

Hale is named from George Hale, its first settler.  He was born in Glastenbury, Conn., and came to Trempealeau County in 1858, settling about nine miles above what is now Independence.

Lincoln is named from the martyred president.

Pigeon Township and Pigeon Falls took their name from Pigeon Creek.

Preston was named from Susan H. Reynolds, the wife of Edmond M. Reynolds, one of the earliest settlers of Preston Township.  Mrs. Reynolds came of the old New England family of Prestons, and at the first town meetings Mr. Reynolds proposed that the town be named in her honor.

Sumner Township was named after the distinguished American Senator and statesman, Charles Sumner (born in 1811, died 1874), who was one of the leaders of the abolition party and a confidential advisor to President Lincoln during the Civil War.

Trempealeau is a corrupted form of the French phrase, La Montagne Qui Trempe Dans L'Eau, meaning the Mountain that  is Steeped in Water.  This name was applied as early as 1731 and possibly earlier.  It was the French translation of the Winnebago word, Hay-nee-ah-chah, the Soaking Mountain.  The Sioux name was Pah-hah-dah, the Moved Mountain.

Unity.  When this township was organized Dennis Lawler felt that he was entitled to the honor of having it named after him, but P. B. Williams, another early settler, wished to call it Unity, which was the name of the town in Maine from which he had come.  Upon the suggestion of Noah Comstock the matter was decided by lot, and Mr. Williams drawing the longest "cut" named the town Unit [sic].

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