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Histories:  Trempealeau Co. Historical Accounts:

"History of Trempealeau County Wisconsin, 1917":

Chapter 9:

County Officers

-As transcribed from pages 118 - 120

William M. Young, the first county clerk of Trempealeau County, was appointed as clerk of the county board at its first meeting, May 1, 1854.    John Nicholls was appointed November 20, 1854.  Charles Utter was elected in the fall of 1854, but did not qualify, and on February 3, 1855, John Nicholls was again appointed.  He was elected in the fall of 1856.  Since then the clerks have been:

1865, Allen R. Wyman; 1867, B. F. Heuston; 1871, Allen R. Wyman (died in office); 1880, Charles E. Perkins (appointed November 9); 1883, E. N. Trowbridge; 1891, L. H. Whitney; 1893, H. A. Towner; 1897, P. H. Johnson; 1901, Oluf Ihle (died in office); 1904, H. A. Towner (appointed November 15, 1904); 1905, John P. Hanson; 1909, Paudor K. Risberg.

A. A. Arnold became county superintendent of schools December 5, 1861.  At the same time George Batchelder, A. R. Wyman and Henry Lake were appointed examiners.  Mr. Arnold resigned September 1, 1862, and was followed by D. W. Gilfillan.  Following him came:  1865, S. S. Luce; 1870, Amos Whiting; 1874, J. B. Thompson; 1876, Amos Whiting; 1878, Mary Brandenberg; 1880, Stephen Richmond; 1882, W. J. Showers; 1885, W. L. Cummings; 1893, T. C. Salt; 1899, L. S. Keith; 1907, Cornelia (Campbell) Remington; 1909, Dan P. Gibson; 1917, Helen Berg.  Beginning with 1905, the school superintendents have been elected in April and have taken office the first Monday in July, to conform with the school year.

Augustus W. Armstrong was elected register of deeds of Trempealeau County in the fall of 1854.  John Nicholls succeeded him January 1, 1857.  Since then the registers have been:  1859, Charles E. Perkins; 1861, Edward Barnard; 1863, Charles E. Perkins; 1867, David W. Wade; 1871, H. L. Bunn; 1875, John Olson Melby; 1887, Simon Olson; 1893, T. R. Phillips; 1895, H. N. Halvorson; 1901, Christian F. Ringlee; 1907, Julius E. Wilberg; 1913, Morris Hanson.

The first treasurer of Trempealeau County was Charles Utter, who was appointed May 1, 1854.  His successors have been:  1855, Hollister Wright; 1857, George H. Smith; 1859, Samuel F. Harris; 1861, Noah D. Comstock; 1867, Edward F. Wade; 1871, Douglass Arnold; 1875, David Kribs; 1883, Henry French; 1887, Henry Thorsgaard; 1891, L. L. Grinde; 1895, O. E. Larson; 1899, Henry French (died in office); 1899, M. E. Ladd (appointed May 8); 1903, Charles N. Webster; 1907, Nels L. Fredrickson; 1911, John F. Hager; 1915, Ole O. Hovre; 1917, F. D. Hopkins.

George H. Smith was the first clerk of court of Trempealeau County.  The other clerks have been:  1857, John Nicholls; 1865, Allen R. Wyman; 1867, B. F. Heuston; 1871, Charles E. Perkins; 1875, H. L. Bunn; 1877, R. A. Odell; 1887, E. Bratberg (resigned); 1888, Oliver A. Hegg (appointed April 2); 1893, Harry H. Scott; 1899, F. E. Beach; 1905, Eugene F. Kidder.

Romanzo Bunn was probably the first man to serve Trempealeau County as district attorney.  He took office January 1, 1857, and resigned September 28, 1857, being followed by A. A. Arnold.  Mr. Arnold resigned May 13, 1858, and Mr. Bunn was appointed in his place.  Following him came:  1859, John A. Daniels; 1861, C. E. Turner; 1863, G. Y. Freeman;  1867, A. W. Newman; 1871, J. E. Robinson; 1873, A. W. Newman; 1877, S. W. Button; 1879, Michael Milligan; 1881, Sam S. Miller; 1887, E. Q. Nye; 1890, Hans A. Anderson; 1891, G. Y. Freeman; 1893, J. C. Button; 1895, Herman L. Ekern; 1899, Robert S. Cowie.  Judge Cowie resigned late in 1903, and Robert Christianson was appointed.  Mr. Christianson died after a few months, and Earl F. Hensel was appointed.  He served until the close of 1908.  John A. Markham then served until the close of 1912, when Judge Hensel again took office, being succeeded January 1, 1915, by Elmer E. Barlow.

When the first term of court was held on April 28, 1856, A. M. Brandenberg was the sheriff of Trempealeau County.  Following him the sheriffs have been:  1857, William Clark; 1859, Robert E. Jones; 1861, William A. Cram; 1863, J. W. Marsh; 1865, Ulysses Button; 1867, Edward Elkins; 1869, John C. McCoy; 1871, David W. Wade; 1873, Charles F. Holmes; 1875, Joseph Kellogg; 1877, E. S. Hotchkiss; 1879, Daniel K. Hagestad; 1881, Nels L. Tolvstad; 1883, Ed Elstad; 1885, John McKeith; 1887, Ed Elstad; 1889, John Boynton; 1891, John McKeith; 1893, Nels L. Fredrickson; 1895, John Durisch; 1897, Joseph L. Jensen; 1899, G. F. Steig; 1901, Elmer L. Immell; 1903, Arthur A. Holmes; 1905, Nels J. Nelson; 1907, Mathias T. Pederson; 1909, Phineas A. Van Horn; 1911, Paul E. Van Horn; 1913, Carl Jahr; 1915, Edward Torgerson; 1917, Ed Erickson.

The first surveyor of Trempealeau County was George J. Turton.  His successors have been:  1857, Daniel Trowbridge; 1863, Alfred P. Ford; 1865, Isaac Zeller; 1867, Alfred P. Ford; 1875, William Coates; 1877, Paul Heyse; 1879, H. B. Merchant; 1881, Thomas G. Cox; 1889, H. B. Merchant; 1891, Thomas G. Cox; 1899, Hans B. Raa (appointed November 17); 1901, A. A. Arnold; 1907, G. D. Arnold; 1911, J. C. Van Tassel; 1913, G. D. Arnold; 1915, C. J. Van Tassel; 1917, G. D. Arnold.

The first coroner of Trempealeau County was William Adams.  He was followed by:  1857, Isaac Clark; 1859, D. W. Gilfillan; 1863, George Batchelder; 1865, Henry Lake; 1867, Charles C. Crane.  Crane served as coroner the greater part of the time until 1889, though during that period F. E. Booth, Robert Cance and Ed. Borwell served one or more terms.  C. E. Scott served from 1889 until the appointment of H. A. Towner, February 6, 1901.  W. E. Parker served until 1911.  Then C. L. Storey and S. F. Hutchins each served a term, followed by M. C. Crane.

Ten men have served as county judges of Trempealeau County.  Benjamin F. Heuston was elected in 1854.  He has been followed by:  1860, A. W. Newman (appointed April 10); 1867, S. W. Button; 1873, Charles E. Perkins; 1880, Seth Mills (appointed December 2); 1882, M. Mulligan; 1888, R. A. Odell (appointed January 10); 1906, Robert S. Cowie; 1909, Earl F. Hensel (appointed July 3); 1910, Hans A. Anderson.

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