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Histories:  Trempealeau Co. Historical Accounts:

"Trempealeau County" by Clarence J. Gamroth:

Volume 1B Supplement:

The Markhams:

Land Transfers from the Peters Mlynek Abstract

Regarding land near Independence, once owned by the Markham family

The following notes were taken from abstracts pertaining to parcels of land owned by Mrs. Peter Mlynek on Hwy 121, about 3/4 mile east of Independence.

  1. United States to Charles Lynn - dated 22 Sep 1857
  2. U. S. granted land patent to Charles Lynne - dated 01 Aug 1860
  3. Lyne or Lynne to Spencer Cole - dated 22 Sep 1857
  4. Trempealeau County tax deed - dated 13 Jan 1870
  5. Trempealeau County to George H. Markha, quit claim deed - dated 1875
  6. George H. Markham and Fannie Markham conveyed a strip of land 100 feet wide, for $1.00 to the railroad (Green Bay and Western) along the Trempealeau River.
  7. George H. Markham to Johanna Sylla for $1000.00 - dated 19 May 1885
  8. Johanna Sylla to George H. Markham, mortgage $500.00   
  9. Johanna Sylla Warranty deed to Paul Sylla for $700.00 - dated 1896
  10. Paul and Paulina Sylla, warranty deed to Andrew Sylla, $1200.00 - dated 1887
  11. Andrew and Agnes Sylla, warranty deed to Pauline Sylla - dated 1898
  12. Pauline Sylla to Joseph and Margaret Kupka, $300.00    dated 05 Sep 1901
  13. Joseph Kupka to Joseph Symicek and Kate Symicek, $1150.00 - dated 1902
  14. Joseph and Katherine Symicek, warranty deed for $1.00 to Kate Mlynek (she was Kate Symicek, wife of Peter Mlynek)

(Comment from Clarence J. Gamroth - The Charles Lynn or Lyne who got the patent (deed) from the United States in 1857 was a tutor to George H. and Arthur A. Markham.  He came with the Markhams from England in 1856.  He lived with the Markhams until he moved to some western state.  The Markhams owned a large tract of land which bordered on the Trempealeau River to the south.)

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