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Histories:  Trempealeau Co. Historical Accounts:

"Trempealeau County" by Clarence J. Gamroth:

Volume 1B Supplement:

The Markhams:

Markham Centennial, 1956

Source - Independence News Wave, 21 Jun 1956


In the year 1856, an immigrant family settled in Independence and built themselves a new home in the heart of Trempealeau County wilderness.  Their chief was  Commander John Markham, retired from Queen Victoria's navy after a sun stroke suffered while on naval duty on the India sea.  With him came his wife, Marianne Wood, sons, George H. and Arthur A. (aged 16 and 19), with their tutor, Rev. Lynn, and another young man, Walter Maule.

In the hundred years that has passed, the family has grown and flourished.  Newspaper men, lawyers, and teachers have gone forth fromm the early feudal farm, with its English castle, to the east and west coasts of America.  Many more have settled in Wisconsin or settled in Independence.

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Source - Independence News wave, 28 Jun 1956


In the summer of 1856, Commander John Markham, his wife, Marianne G. D. Markham, their sons, George H. and Arthur A. Markham, together with Walter Maule and Reverand Lyne, came over to America from England for the purpose of settling in the wilds of western Wisconsin.

With the valuable assistance of a Mr. Davis, a farm of between 600 and 700 acres of wild, fertile land was acquired from the government.  This farm extended fromt he present highway 93 east to the Maule farm, a mile and a quarter and in some places north and south, a mile long.  Part of the farm is still owned and occupied by Fred C. Markham and Marianne Markham, grandchildren of the original owner.

In recognition of this fact that the Markham family had resided on this farm and at Independence for 100 years, it was decided to hold a family reunion on the old farm.

This event took place on Sunday, June 24, 1956.  In the morning members of the clan attended at Independence the church of their choice, some at one church and some at another and at noon time, they gathered at Midway, where a banquet was served to 39 guests, nearly all of whom were descendents of Arthur A. Markham, the younger son who came over with the pioneer group.

Among those present at the banquet and ceremonies were:
  • Attorney John A. Markham
  • Attorney William H. Markham and his wife, from Horicon, Wisconsin
  • Fred C. Markham
  • Marianne E. Markham
  • Spenser Markham, wife and child, from Horicon, Wisconsin
  • Commander Richard A. Markham, attorney in the U. S. Navy, stationed at present as a naval officer in the Pentagon at Washington D. C.  Also his wife, son and daughter
  • Earl V. Renschlain, son-in-law of william H. Markham; Rosemary, his wife and daughter of William H. Markham; Stephan, Robert, Richard and Suzanne, their children, all of Madison
  • Mrs. Patricia Rease, a daughter of William A. Markham
  • Muriel M. Morrissett, a daughter of Claron A. Markham, attorney now deceased; Lloyd, her husband; Joy, Melinda, and Mark, their children, all of Alahambra, California
  • Claron E. Markham, son of Claron Markham deceased; his wife and twins, Sandra and Phil, all of Alahambra, California
  • Arthur A. Markham, son of John A. Markham, of Madison, his wife and sons, John and Robert and daughter, Claire
  • Blanche Markham of Madison and John Neis, her husband
  • Rev. Charles Langdon and wife
  • Otto A. Sprecher and wife

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