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Photo Album of Trempealeau County:

People Photos:

This area of our website contains photos of people from the Trempealeau Co. area that pertain to the historical or genealogical aspect of the county.  This is just a small sampling of our county's pictorial history.  We hope you enjoy viewing these photos.

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1910 - 1912 Trempealeau High School
The Blair Cornet Band, 1892
Dodge-Pine Creek Band, 1900
Blair Baseball Team, 1905
Daudy's, 1907
1914 Golden Valley School Souvenir booklet
Golden Valley School Students, 1917
Osseo Literary Society, 1929?
1929 Osseo High School Graduates
Osseo Freshmen
Musical Celebrations, 1934
Broiler Days, 1951
Trempealeau Co. American Legion Band
"Wedding Day, 1943"
"Wagon Rides"
"Bowling Night"
Arcadia CYO Ice Carnival
Canadian Fishing Trip
"From Marie to J. H. P."
Homeward Bound
"Night Hunting"
Bill Family
Annie Bill
Edward Bill
Gertie Bill
John Bill
Bernard & Helena (Rohn) Boberg
Wedding of Andy & Gertrude (Bill) Boland

Brezinski Family
Joseph & Susan (Weir) Brezinski
Paul Brezinski
1902 Brom Family Reunion - Help needed!
Ora Bunn
John & Emeline (Kulas) Datta
Rev. & Mrs. George Dissmore
August & Arvilla (Rohn) Dorawa
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Joseph Ellison
Children of Henry Ellison
Ludwig & Alice (Larson) Emerson
Mads Knudtson Fauske
Alois & G. Kathryn (Rohn) Fugina
Clarence Fugina
Gertrude Fugina
Omer Fugina
Rev. James Gara
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gibson
Bert Gipple, 1948
Bert Gipple, at home
Haines family
Christian Haines
Margaret (Bills) Haines

Pastor John Hauck, Arcadia
Rev. O. A. Hjemboe
Andrew & Mary (Kulas) Hoesley
James and Angeline (Van Sickle) Hopkins
Hyslop daughters
Hyslop family, 1895
Hyslop family, 1897
Hyslop family, 1905
Andrew & Orianna (Carter) Hyslop
Andrew & Orianna (Carter) Hyslop & children
Dr. Clayton Hyslop
Ebenezer Hyslop, 1894
Ebenezer Hyslop family, 1910
Ebenezer & Ann (Gillespie) Hyslop
Robert & Lillian (Shipman) Hyslop
William G. Hyslop family, 1933
Caroline Johnson & family
Ole Johnson Family
Ole Johnson Reunion
Caroline (Smith) Johnston
Welcome Johnston
John & Hilda (Thimmesch) Kaiser family
Edmund & Esther (Kulas) Kohner
Wedding of Matthew & Anna Konter
John & Elizabeth (Rohn) Kostner
John & Elizabeth (Rohn) Kostner
Cyril & Mary (Weiner) Kulas
Frank & Mary (Kukowski) Kulas
G. Lorene Kulas
John Kulas Family
Mike & Jennie (Rohn) Kulas
Mike Kulas & his store, 1915
Omer & Eleanor (Hermann) Kulas
George & Pauline (Emerson) Larson
George & Pauline (Emerson) Larson wedding party
Grace (Smith) Larson
Grace Elizabeth (Smith) Larson
Family of Lars & Grace (Smith) Larson
Lehrbach Twins
Stan & Mary (Weir) Losinski
Thas McKiosigin & Florison Hopkins
Amos & Agnes (Hyslop) McKenney
McNitt Family Reunion
Anna Marie (Wenzel) Meyer
Charlotte Nicholls & Eda Atwood
Charlotte (Dunham) Nicholls
Charlotte (Dunham) Nicholls in her 90s
Charlotte Nicholls & Eda Atwood, teetering, 1905
Charlotte Nicholls & Eda Atwood, teetering (view 2)
Elizabeth Nicholls & daughter, Charlotte
Elizabeth (Carr) Nicholls

William Carroll Nicholls, 1897
William Carroll Nicholls, 1899
William Nicholls Jr at age 16 in 1886
William Nicholls Jr at age 45
William Nicholls Sr with grandchildren, 1897

Matt & Kate (Brezinski) Perlyks

Peter & Gertie (Rohn) Rebhahn
John & Mayme (Rohn) Rebhahn
Albert Remlinger
Frank & Verna Remlinger
Louis & Barbara Remlinger
Mary Elizabeth (Fischer) Remlinger
Mary (Seibert) Remlinger
Raymond Remlinger
William (Bill) Remlinger
Jane (Seibert) Renz
Mark & Stella (Smith) Robinson
Albert Rohn
Frank & Mathilda "Tilli" (Stencil) Rohn
George & Caroline (Dalle) Rohn
John & Elizabeth (Haines) Rohn
Marcell Rohn
Mary (Seibert) Rohn
Michael Rohn
Romundstad Family
Child of Otto & Myrtle (Smith) Salzwedel
Jim Seibert & Emeline Kulas
Sheeley family
Slye / Hyslop Wedding, 1905
Ray & Mabel (Hyslop) Slye
Alice Smith (?)
Caroline (Johnston) Smith
George Harris Smith
Mrs. George H. Smith
Children of George & Alice (Wilford) Smith
Robert M. & Winnie Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Ira Smith
Mrs. Theodore Smith & child
Mrs. William Smith & son, Vilas
Mr. & Mrs. John Stencil
Helena (Wenzel) Theis
Edmund & Esther (Pahl) Thimmesch
Peter & Mary (Rohn) Thimmesch
Mrs. Landlea Trikte
Albion Van Sickle and Frank Hopkins
Caroline (Denny) VanSickle
Ira and Mary VanSickle
William VanSickle
Ann Eliza (Bunn) Van Slyke
David Oyer Van Slyke
Kate (Brezinski) Weir & daughter, Amelia
Julia Weir
Children of Mike & Kate Weir
Susan Weir
Frank Wenzel
John Wenzel
John & Clara (Haines) Wenzel
Clara (Haines) Wenzel
Frank Weir/Wejer Family
Mike & Josephine (Kulas) Wieczorek
Ward & Armella (Kulas) Wright
Anna (Stachowski) Wysocki
Mathilda & Pauline Wysocki

Unknown people, 1905
Unknown woman
Unknown child
Unknown woman
Unidentified man, dated 1897
Smith Adkin photo album - unknown girls
Smith Adkin photo album - unknown man #1
Smith Adkin photo album - unknown man #3
Smith Adkin photo album - unknown man #4
Smith Adkin photo album - unknown man #5
Unidentified man - can you help?

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