Enclosed is a plat map of the area south of Arcadia, that has many of the names in the photos.
This map is from about 1874-1877, and show the various farms tied to the Rohn family. Mike
Rohn's (MR) farm is in sections 11 & 14, next to John Bill's farm and also next to the Kickhoeffer
farm.  Josephine Kulas-Kiekhoffer the great grand-daughter of Mike and Mary Rohn still lives
on a part of the Kickoeffer farm (14), the farm itself is now owned by her son David. Also shown
is the John Haines (8), John Manning (12), Fred Wenzel (12), J Dorawa (25), and John
Remlinger (16) farms related to the family.

Donated by J. Datta