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The WITREMPE mailing list is for anyone with a genealogical interest in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin and is connected to the Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb site.  Below are details necessary to subscribe and unsubscribe from our mail list.  You will also find the "Guidelines" for using this mail list at the bottom of this page:
  • Subscribing. Clicking on one of the shortcut links below should work, but if your browser doesn't understand them, try these manual instructions: to join WITREMPE, use the link below with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body. To join digest version of this mail list, WITREMPE-D, use the appropriate link below and do the same thing in the subject and the body of the message being sure to use the words subscribe to digest as well:
  • Unsubscribing. To leave WITREMPE, send mail using the appropriate link below with the single word unsubscribe in the message subject and body. To leave WITREMPE-D, do the same thing using the link below for the digest version:
  • Archives. You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them, going from one message to another. Some list archives are not available; if there is a link here to an archive but the link doesn't work, it probably just means that no messages have been posted to that list yet.
To contact the list administrator, use this address:

Guidelines for the Mailing List

(aka the Do's and Don't's of a mailing list)

This list is for the discussion of Trempealeau Co. Genealogy and History only.   This includes historical sketches, census data, genealogies, vital records, immigration, family Bibles, settlements, web sites, etc. as they relate to Trempealeau Co.  Please keep your discussions within these guidelines.

The "DO's":
  • Give public announcements of information that is of Trempealeau County genealogical  and historical interest. Please use discretion!  (ie. National meetings, seminars, tours, etc. are better announced on a state level mail list.)  If you are unsure, please ask the list administrator if it is appropriate before sending it to the list.
  • Try to keep "quoting" to a minimum.  Quoting is repeating text of a message you are replying to.  Some quoting is necessary to remind others what the thread is about, but please do not quote large postings (Digest listers, please refrain from sending a copy of the whole digest when you reply!)
  • You may add a list of surnames, but please try to limit them to 6 names or so.  If you have more, feel free to rotate them with each succeeding message.
  • This mail list receives gatewayed messages from the Trempealeau Co. Message Board.  To respond to these gatewayed messages, you MUST go to the Message Board and respond directly there.  DO NOT use the reply function of your email program to attempt to respond to these gatewayed messages!
The "DON'Ts" :
  • Do not send virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, items for sale, etc.  For information on virus hoaxes see  among others.
  • Please do not send file attachments.  If you have a file you would like to share with others, announce what you have, then send the file to only those who request it, via your private email.
  • No rude comments, swearing, or flaming is allowed on this list!
  • Do not impose any other rules or conditions upon this list.  Do not try to regulate this list. If you don't like the way someone formats their queries or responses, take it up with the listowner, NOT on the list!
  • No selling of items or services is allowed on this mail list!
  • Do not respond to gatewayed messages from the Trempealeau County Message Board on list (see Item # 4 in the "Do's" list above).

                                     Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in expulsion from the list.

                                    Remember:  This list is for Trempealeau County Genealogy and History ONLY!

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