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What's New:  2000 - 2001

What Was New on the Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb in 2000 and 2001:

The following additions were made in 2000 and 2001 to the Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb site:

13 December 2001:  The Pre-1907 Birth Index is finally complete!  All of the names that appear in this index has been added to the Vital Records section of this website, including surnames T through Z.  This will probably be the last update to the website before Christmas, so I'll take this time to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season!  See you next year with many more new and interesting pieces of history and help for you genealogical research!

10 December 2001:  950+ names were added to the Pre-1907 Birth Indexes in our Vital Records section today.  These names are all of the S surnames.

8 December 2001:  The surnames starting with P through R were added today to our Pre-1907 Birth Indexes.  You will find these birth indexes and how to order the complete birth records in our Vital Records section.  Be watching for the rest of these indexes soon!

4 December 2001:  More names were added to our Vital Records section of the website today.  These names are the surnames beginning with K through O of the Pre-1907 Birth Indexes.  This adds another 1500 + names to our database!

27 November 2001:  Today's addition to the website is the church history of St. Bartholomew's Parish in Trempealeau.  You will find a link to this history from our Churches section of this website.

16 November 2001:  Over 2000 names were added to the website today.  These names are from the Pre-1907 Birth Indexes for our county, and can be found in our Vital Records section of this website.  Today's postings cover surnames beginning with G through J.  The search engine for this website will be updated shortly to reflect these new additions. And still more are coming in the future!  So keep checking back often!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

26 October 2001:  Despite some technical problems with my computer, I was able to get 4 more pages of Vital Record Indexes online today.  These new birth indexes are for surnames beginning with the letters C, D, E and F.  More will be coming soon!  And hopefully without the tech difficulties! :~)

19 October 2001:  More of the Pre-1907 Birth Index was added to our Vital Records section of the website today.  This new portion is the surnames that start with B and is broken down into two pages for faster loading.  More will be coming on this category of our website so stay tuned.  The Search Engine has been updated to reflect these new additions.

12 October 2001:  Another productive day on the website with some new items and a new category (well...sortof!)  New items include a great history of Arcadia on our Histories page and a history of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish on our Churches page.  Both of these items along with a great biography of George Haines on the Message Board, were all donated by Merideth Morgan, who is researching her family here in Trempealeau Co.  Thanks Merideth, for your help once again!  Another biography was added to enhance the Arcadia history page, that being of Collins Bishop.  You will find the link to that biography on the bottom of the Arcadia history page.  The new item that I would like to present to you is the Pre-1907 Birth Index for Trempealeau Co.  This will be one of my pet projects for this winter and I hope to add a new letter or two of the alphabet every week.  When I finish the births, I will be moving on the the Pre-1907 Death Index and will do the same with it.  You will find an explanation of the index, along with how to obtain copies of records linked off of our Vital Records page (look for the Pre-1907 Birth Index link).  On the Pre-1907 Birth Index page you will also see the alphabet, which will be linked once that letter has been completed.  For now, the A surnames are done and online.  Be watching for more coming soon!

6 October 2001:  After taking some time off to enjoy the summer and to collect data for the website, I'm back and have been able to post a new local history on our Histories page.  This one is for the Meyers Valley area.  There are also 6 biographies that have been typed and posted on both the Message Board and the Archives which correspond with this Meyers Valley History.  I have also been contacted by the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce this week, seeking an 'exchange' of links.  You will find the Chamber's website linked off of our Helpful Links page.  Enjoy and there's lots more coming in the upcoming months!

10 August 2001:  Our page numbers are increasing!  Our category numbers are increasing!  And best of all, our volunteer numbers are increasing!  Today's new items include a new genealogy for our Genealogies section from new volunteer, Bill Russell!  This genealogy is of his William Russell ancestors.  Along with this is a history of the area known as 'Russell' and is added to our Histories section.  And Bill also give us a little background on the Russell School for our Schools section.  Also new today is a new category as found on our front page entitled "Government".  This new category will contain lists of those who have served in governmental type offices within the county.  To get this category off the ground, Merideth Morgan has donated a listing of the Mayors of Arcadia from 1889 through 1992.  Also added to this new page is a listing of Circuit Court Jurors that Joan Benner found in the Whitehall Times newspaper, dated 13 February 1890.  Because of her finding this listing in an area newspaper, a link has also been place in the Whitehall Newspapers section of the website.  Great things have been happening and it's wonderful to see all these volunteers who are so willing to share with us.  It is sure to be a big help to those who are researching within the great county of Trempealeau!

27 July 2001:  We have finally completed the alphabetical and numerical indexing of the Obit Indexes from the Whitehall Times that were so generously donated to the website by Scott Thomson.  If these indexes are of help to you, be sure to give a big 'thank you' to Scott, for without him, these indexes would not exist.  If you find a name for an obituary you are interested in, be sure to read the top explanation on each of these index pages to learn how you can obtain a copy of the obituary.  Thank you Scott, for sharing this work with us!

20 July 2001:  Today's uploads include an item from a new volunteer, Linda Cox.  Linda has sent in a history of her Samuel and Sarah (Dickenson) Cox family history.  If you enjoy reading how people moved and settled in various areas of our country in the pioneer days, this story is for you!  You will find it in our Genealogies section of this website.  Also added to our Message Board and Archives sections is a biography of one of the people mentioned within Linda's genealogy, Albert G. Cox.  You will find a link for this biography within Linda's story.  We have several more years of the Whitehall Times Obituary Index added to the site again.  Today's additions are from the years 1948 and 1949.  These great indexes have been donated by Scott Thomson.  Be sure to read the intro on each page to find out how you can get copies of the obituaries that are listing within these indexes.  You will find these new obituary indexes listed on both our Obit Indexes page and within the Newspapers section under Whitehall Times. That's it for this week.  I hope you will find something to help with your research from within the many pages of this site

13 July 2001:  On this Friday the 13th, we are lucky to have a new category to add to our growing list of resources.  This category is Land Records and Billie Pett contributed the first records to our site which helped us to gain this new category.  Billie's records show the 1878 land owners in Trempealeau Co. and are a valuable addition to our site.  Billie also donated a story of the Early Settlement of Trempealeau Co. which has been added to our Histories page.  Be sure to check out these new items.  And while you're doing that, make sure you check out our Military page as Merideth Morgan has donated more materials to our site this week, this one being the listing of the men who served in World War I.  We also have our first Cemetery Records that was donated by Brian Lightfoot.  His work includes the readings from the headstones and several photos from the Old Catholic Cemetery in Trempealeau.  You will find the link to this cemetery on our Cemeteries page.  Another new contributor to our website is Trudy Theisen Mara, who has donated a beautiful wedding photo of Matthew Konter and Anna Bautch to our Photo Album.  It's a 'must see'!  All of these excellent materials are only available through the kindness of others who are willing to share.  Be sure to thank them if you find anything within their donated materials that is of help to you in your research.  I know I'm very thankful for each of our volunteers!

6 July 2001:  Today's uploads include Obituary Indexes from the Whitehall Times from the years 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925 and 1926.  These indexes were contributed to our website by Scott Thomson, who has done an excellent job of compiling these obits.  And there's more of his work yet to come!  You will find that I've added the new category "Obituary Indexes" on the main page, but these indexes are also linked off of our Newspapers section of the website under the Whitehall Times newspaper.  Enjoy, and I hope you'll find information from within these indexes that will be of help to you.  Our search engine is also being updated to reflect the many new names that are found within these indexes.  Thanks Scott!  I've really happy to add these new works of yours to your name on the Volunteers page too!  :~)

3 July 2001:  More was added to our Military and Photo Album sections of the website today.  Merideth Morgan has once again donated more excellent materials to the site.  Be sure to stop and see all the new items -- Civil War listings, and memorials for the Vietnam War and Gulf War.  Please take time to check these new items out!  Thanks, Merideth, for sharing them with us!

29 June 2001:  Having missed last week's update, it made today's uploads seem quite extensive.  Please take a look at several new items that have been donated to the website.  These include:  more photos to our Photo Album by Merideth Morgan, along with information from the Memorial Park in Arcadia which can be found in the Military section.  And Bob Anderson has donated a portion of the new history added to our Histories page, this one being the Historical Sketch of the Town of Pigeon -- great reading!  And last but not least, we have a new message board which replaces our old GenConnect boards.  You will find not only queries on this new board, but much, much more.  And there are more ways to contribute.  Check it out under our "Message Board" heading and be sure to read the help page to get you going on this new and exciting venture.

15 June 2001:  This week has been a wonderful week as far as donated materials to the Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb site.  I also received several corrections to several items, which have been noted on each pertinent page.  My thanks to Ruth for the update on the "Blair Press", found in our Newspapers section.  And Merv Ulness pointed me in the right direction for finding the South Beef River Church on our Churches page.  Other new items added today include a new history for our Histories page, this being the history of the Mads Knudtson Fauske family (including photos), submitted by Bob Anderson.  Since this bordered on being a genealogy also, a link was also added to our Genealogies page.  And other genealogies that were sent this week and added to our Genealogies page were the John Bibby, Joshua Bibby, Richard Bibby, Thomas Bibby and James Hardie genealogies, sent in by John Bibby of England!  There are also biographies from the GenConnect Bio Board linked to these latter genealogies where pertinent.  And last, but certainly far from least, Merideth Morgan has given us more fascinating photos -- this time of her family.  Be sure to take a look at these new photos found on our Photos page.  There are more items that have been donated, but I've run out of time today.  Stay tuned as these other items will be added as time permits -- and they are excellent!  In the meantime, I hope you will find these new additions interesting and helpful to you.

8 June 2001:  Today's new additions to the Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb project include some early settler histories for our Histories page.  These are stories about the first settlers to our county and what they faced, how they got here, why they came, etc.  I heard from Tom Howell today, telling me of several family sites that he has put together for the Dettinger and Hare families.  These are great sites and I'm happy to add them to both our "Links" page and our "Genealogies" page.  Also, check out the Trempealeau Co. GenConnect Bio board and the Trempealeau Co. Archives for a bunch of new biographies that have been added this week.  If you've visited the Archives page, you will see that the format of that area has been revamped for easier usage (and faster loading time!).

1 June 2001:  Another new photo was added to our Photos page today by Merideth Morgan.  It is another one found in an antique shop and is of a child (name unknown).  Be sure to check this and our other photos out!  And another item was also added to our Histories page.  This one is a history of the Beaver Creek Valley area and has more biographies that are connected to the area linked at the bottom of the page.  These biographies and others can be found on our Trempealeau Co. GenConnect Bio Board and also in the Trempealeau Co. Archives.

18 May 2001:  New items added to our website this week include some great pictures to our "Photos" page that were donated by Merideth Morgan, a new volunteer to our website.  These photos were found in an antique shop by Merideth and she's willing to have them go to a good home.  If you find that any of these people are from your family, please contact her for more information in obtaining the pictures.  And if you know of any information (names, etc.) on the photos that were unmarked, please let me know!  My thanks to Merideth for sharing them with us!  Also added to our "Histories" page is the History of the Black River Valley, along with biographies of some of the noted names within that history.  The biographies are linked off of the history page, and can also be found by browsing through the Trempealeau Co. GenConnect Bio Board or through the Trempealeau Co. Archives.

5 May 2001:  Today's new additions to the website include a great photo from Billie Pett, thus enabling us to start a new topic "Photos".  This photos page will be used to link to all the photos that volunteers send to us to be put online.  Be sure to check this page often.  Also new on the site are some links that will lead us to other peoples' research that they have put online to share with us.  You will find these new links on our Help Links page and also on our Genealogies page.  Laurie Nelson told us about an old photo from the Berg family reunion of 1947 that she has put on her website and a link to that photo can be found on the Torgrim Berg genealogy page.  There are some new biographies added to our Archives page too, that you don't want to miss.  We have lots of things coming up to put on our pages.  If you have anything you want to share with us, just let me know!

27 April 2001:  Today's new additions to the website include 5 new genealogies to our Genealogies page.  These, again, were donated by Jerry Austin along with the obituaries that are linked to them from the Trempealeau Co. GenConnect Obit board.  These family histories cover the Salzwedel and peripheral families.  Be sure to check them out!  Also, during this past week we've had many, many new Surnames added to our page.  And there are new biographies being added to both the Trempealeau Co. GenConnect Bio Board and the Trempealeau Co. Archives.  You are invited to browse through our pages to see what you can find!

20 April 2001:  After taking the holiday weekend off last week, there were a few items that needed to be updated, along with new items added.  Pages that were updated include the Surnames page, along with the Volunteers page, as we had a few volunteers donate materials for today's additions.  These include:  Mike Berg's story about the Hillside School with a link for this story on our Schools page and Jackie Hufschmid donated some Birth Records for a new section of our Vital Records page.  Also added to our Schools and Histories pages is a link to a short description of what the Pioneer Schools were like, as found in the "History of Trempealeau County Wisconsin, 1917."  As always, the best way to stay on top of the new additions to our website is to visit this page for a quick rundown of what is new that has been added.  Hope these new materials will be of interest to you! HBJ

6 April 2001:  New items today include more Newspaper histories, including those for the towns of Arcadia, Eleva, Independence, Trempealeau and other newspapers that were published in the county.  Also added today was a new topic, "Histories," which will include histories of the early settlements, early settlers, governmental histories and other stories written about the area.  It promises to be a good topic and one that you will want to watch closely, as there is much info to be added here.  As always, the search engine will be updated to reflect these new additions.  Give it a try and be sure to use various spellings, as in the early days, there doesn't seem to be a set way to spell anything!  Good luck!

31 March 2001:  Four more family histories were added to our "Genealogies" page today.  These donations were once again from Jerry Austin, whose been doing a great job of compiling his genealogy and sharing it with us.  Families included in today's uploads are Johann Salzwedel, Herman Salzwedel, Adolf Affeldt and Arthur Hardie families.  Also linked from the Trempealeau Co. GenConnect Obit board to these family stories are some wonderful obituaries that Jerry has also donated.  Be sure to stop on by and see what all Jerry has been up to.  And if you have information to share on our Trempealeau Co. WIGenWeb site, please let me know!

23 March 2001:  Today was a general maintenance day, but you will see a big change.  Gone is the blue background on all but the main page.  This makes for much easier reading when scanning for names of those elusive ancestors of yours.  I hope you will approve of the brighter look of the pages.  Feel free to browse around as a few more Cemeteries, courtesy of Bob Anderson, have been added to our growing list.  A few other items that might be of interest to you that have been added today include more Newspaper histories (Blair Press and the Whitehall Times).  My thanks to Ruth for the Blair Press tip.  Enjoy!

12 March 2001:  Two new volunteers have stepped forward to share their genealogies with us.  My special thanks to Jerry Austin and Mike Berg for their excellent contributions to our site.  Jerry has donated the genealogies of the Walter family and related lines.  This information includes links to many obituaries that Jerry has also graciously shared with us.  Mike's contributions include the genealogies of the Berg, Sonve and Stevens families of Trempealeau Co. and include some wonderful photos for you to see.  I am very happy to add both Jerry and Mike to our Volunteers page!  And, of course, we now have a finished link on our main page -- be sure to check out the Genealogies section of our site.  And if you find something there that has been a help to you, be sure to tell Jerry and/or Mike "thank you!"

16 February 2001:  Today's new items include our Communities page, which is a listing of the cities, towns, villages, and townships within Trempealeau Co., along with how each got their names (if known).  We will eventually be adding town histories off this page.  Also added today, in connection with the Communities page, is the new Maps page.  This page includes links to Trempealeau County maps from 1895, 1901 and 1976, along with a map showing the outlines of each township within the county.  Hopefully, this will be an aid when trying to find those towns that no longer exist.  The site's search engine is also being updated to reflect and new names and subjects that have been added from these new pages.

9 February 2001:  New items added to our site today include the 'Search Engine' that is indexed to pick up every name or keyword within our Trempealeau Co. website.  Also added is a page for people to volunteer to do "Lookups".  This is a vital page to our site and I am hoping that we can form a teamwork of volunteers who are willing to help visitors who are in need of lookups.  Our "Surnames" page lost its link!  It has now been added back on to the main page.  My apologies for losing it!

26 January 2001:  Today's additions include the "Schools" page.  This is a listing of many of the old country schools along with the present day schools.  Also added were two school histories, those being for the Osseo Public School and a history donated by Pat Fischer, the history of the S. S. Peter and Paul School.  If you have any Trempealeau Co. school information that you would like to share on this website, just let me know!

25 January 2001:  Today I went through and changed the font on each page.  I hope the new font will make items easier to read.

11 January 2001:  Today's new addition to our website is a "Volunteers" page.  This is my way of saying thank you to those good folks who have donated materials for our site.  Along with their names are the items that they have contributed to our site with a link to that page. Take a moment to see what these friends have donated.  And if their contributions have been a help to you, why not email them and tell them thanks too!

30 December 2000:  Today a few items were rearranged.  Our 'Links' page now contains outside links to pages that give us more information about our communities and also to genealogical pages that pertain to Trempealeau Co. families.  If you know of any links that would be of help to others on this page, please let me know.  Also a note on the old links that were on this page.  These had previously been posted on other pages, ie. the 1947 and 1987 Obituary Indexes were posted on the Newspapers page (see 15 December 2000), while the Old Surnames has been linked to on our new Surnames page.  Hey, if you have any surnames that you are researching and would like to make others aware that you are, why not let me know and I'll put them on the new Surnames page for you!

15 December 2000:  Today's new additions revolve around the 'Newspapers' of Trempealeau Co. and include items such as a history of Osseo newspapers, links to Galesvilles newspapers and old articles and updated links to the obituary indexes of 1947 and 1987 from the Whitehall Times.  My thanks, once again, go to Joan Benner and Scott Thomas for their donations to this site.  Enjoy!

10 December 2000:  A church history for the S.S. Peter and Paul Catholic Church was added to the website.  You will find the link to this history on our "Churches" page.  This also includes a listing of the pastors who served in the church and surnames of the families who have attended over the years.  My thanks to Pat Fischer for this great donation to our website.

2 December 2000:  Joan Benner has once again contributed some excellent information to our website.  Today's additions include a listing of the men who enlisted in Civil War as of 22 August 1862, along with those who died in the war as of 31 July 1863.  These excellent articles has prompted me to create a new category entitled "Military" and these along with other military links can be found listed on that page.

17 November 2000:  More new pages were added to the website today, including 'Cemeteries' and 'Churches', along with a church history of Elk Creek Evangelical Lutheran Church.

10 November 2000:  Another new page was added today to the website.  Please visit the "Vital Records" page. This page was set up to accommodate vital records and birth, marriage and death indexes from Trempealeau Co.  You will find two new links at the bottom of this page leading to selected marriages and deaths from 7 Jan. 1859 through 28 Dec 1860 from the Trempealeau Representative newspaper and were donated by Joan Benner.  Enjoy!

5 November 2000: A new page was started today that contains a little history of the postal service for Trempealeau Co. -- mainly in the Osseo area.  There are also three links at the bottom of this page that contains lists of name as found in an old newspaper telling of unclaimed letters which were at the Trempealeau Post Office in 1858 and several from 1860.  These excellent articles were donated by Joan Benner.  Thanks Joan!  And there's more to come, so keep watching!

31 October 2000: Our first day online with our new look!  Please feel free to browse around and see what's new, what's different, and what's yet to come! Some of the pages have been revamped (Archived Queries, Old Surnames, Helpful Links), while others are completely new to this site (Addresses, GenConnect, Mail List).  You will see other items in the "Table of Contents" on the main page that are yet to come.  Check out the "About Us" page to meet me, your new host.  I'm hoping that together we will be able to make Trempealeau County a great place to do research in! IMYD

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