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Databases:  CemeteriesOld Catholic Cemetery,  Trempealeau, Wisconsin

The survey of this cemetery was conducted on 09 Jun 2001 by Brian L. Lightfoot

This apparently is the old “abandoned” catholic cemetery which was replaced by the newer cemetery that is located a little closer in to town and which is much more level smooth ground than this older one. My best guess that such a move was accomplished around 1960-1970 and those ancestors that were notified and could afford to exhume their relatives and have them re-buried in the new cemetery did so, while others whose ancestors could not afford the costs were apparently just left behind. It seems such a shame because those left behind in the old cemetery are receiving “perpetual care” which seems to consist of only an occasional mowing whenever the weeds become overly abundant or perhaps some other relative complains to either the church or the state. Some of the grave sites within certain family plot areas are completely overtaken by weeds and overgrowth that only some large headstones are visible from the edge. I could not discern if there were any grave markers within the heavily overgrown Drugan family plot area along the eastern edge but it is entirely possible that there might be more markers hidden in the undergrowth in that area.

The cemetery is located out 11th Street in Trempealeau, just past the residence at W23371, and can only be recognized by a small opening through the trees on the left (north) side of the road. There is no paved driveway or path from the road nor are there any signs or other identifying marks other than a small metal gate that is padlocked shut with an old rusty chain. There is room for only one or two vehicles to park on the grassy area between the roadway and the gates. Foot access is accomplished into the cemetery by stepping over the already trampled wire fence along the sides of the locked gate.

Once inside the cemetery area, there are many broken tombstone monuments laying scattered on the ground. I noted one specific area where the original stone markers were flat marble tablets that were still identifiable but several others have been covered over with soil, grass, and tree roots. I once determined that there were several such tablets all buried in the same line as soon as I used my shoe to scrape away the top soil. There may be other such markers that I failed to discover.

This survey is identified in the following manner: once entered through the gate, a large open field appears extending uphill towards the north. The left side (west) is a relatively straight boundary but the right side (east) curves away and opens up farther towards the north edge. The row identifications noted below are numbered from left to right as you face into the cemetery which means row one would be on the far west and row 12 on the far east. All references within each row are numbered from the south (roadway side) going uphill to the north (the far wooded end of the open field). The rows are not clearly marked nor discernable so there may be some instances of mistaken alignments.

Note that this survey and inventory was taken hastily and that a lot of the stones that were deemed “unreadable” may in fact be capable of being read with a minimal amount of cleaning and personal determination. In addition, only the names and years were transcribed. Many stones have additional information such as memorial verses, religious inscriptions, or other personal information. Multiple names on the same marker number below indicate that there were multiple names on the one stone or marker.  Surnames given in brackets [ ] indicate no surname on the stone, but buried within a family plot, therefore the assumption is that the name matches that of others buried in the same plot.  Names have been alphabetized for easier searching.

Photos from this cemetery include:

(base only, missing stone), Row 7
(no names or dates), Baby, Row 12
(unreadable name), 1822, Row 5
(unreadable name), Died 1886, Row 5
(unreadable stone), Row 4
(unreadable stone), Row 5
(unreadable stone), Row 5
(unreadable stone), Row 5
(unreadable stone), Row 5
(unreadable stone), Row 5
(unreadable stone, broken), Row 7
(unreadable stone, broken, also marked with a large wooden cross), Row 7
(unknown surname), Antoinette, 1872 - 1952, Mother, Row 6
(unknown surname), Frank, 1871 - 1959, Father, Row 6

(unreadable surname) Mary C, (unreadable dates), Row 5

ANDERSON, Kate, 1869 - 1894, Row 4

BOSE, (unreadable name), aged 66 years, Row 7

CLOWER, Bridget, 1904, Row 5
CLOWER, John, 1903, Row 5
COYLE, Myrtle E, 1899 - 1921, Row 6                                                             

DECKER, Hannah, daughter of P & E DECKER, died 1863, (broken stone), Row 3
DELANEY, Harriet, 1871 - 1913, Row 7
DRUGAN, Andrew, 1832 - 1901, Row 12
DRUGAN, Ellen, 1848 - 1911, Mother, Row 12
[DRUGAN], Margaret Ann JOHNSON, (no dates), Row 12
[DRUGAN], Mary Elizabeth, (no dates), Row 12

DRUGAN, Peter, (no dates), Father, Row 12
DUFFY, Edward, 1854 - 1890, Row 4

EICHMAN, Cathrine, 1857 - 1938, Row 3
EICHMAN, Joseph, 1850 - 1936, Row 3

FRASCH, Mary, 1868 - 1928, Row 12
FRASCH, Matt, 1858 - 1937, Row 12

GRANT, George (unreadable dates), Row 5
GRIGNON, Antoine, 1913, Veteran, Row 5
GRIGNON, Paul, 1830 - 1899, Row 7

GRIGNOW, Madeline, 1825 - 1907, Row 7
GRIGNOW, Oliver, 1856 - 1913, Row 8                                                            
GROVER, Ed [family monument], Row 1
[GROVER], Edward J, 1868 - 1940, Row 2
[GROVER], Helen, 1899 - 1917, Row 2
[GROVER], Mary, 1878 - 1936, Row 2

HARE, James, 1919, Row 10
[HARE], James + Joseph + John (triplets), 1920, Row 10
HARE, Lawrence, 1913, Row 10                                                              

JASZEWSKI, Andrew, 1886 - 1925, Row 11
JASZEWSKI, Edmund, 1910 - 1918, Row 11
JESSESSKY, Joseph A, 1891 - 1976, Veteran, Row 9                                                             
JESSESSKY, Millie, 1889 - 1935, Row 9

KEEFE, Edmund, 1852 - 1919, Row 7                                                         
KEEFFE, Mary A, 1862 - 1946, Row 7
KOBA, Ben, 1918, Veteran, Row 11                                                              

LOWERY, James, 1880, Row 7

MARTIN, Anna L, 1876 - 1960, Row 4
MARTIN, Edwin L, 1869 - 1951, Row 4
MARTIN, Paul, 1901 - 1925, Row 4
MARTIN, Virginia, 1903 - 1915, Row 4
[MCCARTHY], (no name), 1813 - 1901, Father, Row 4
[MCCARTHY], (no name), 1831 - 1911, Mother, Row 4

O'HARE, Michael, 1898, Veteran, Row 7

[PERKINS], Benjamin, 1898 - 1918, Row 9

PERKINS, Charles, 1851 - 1913 (barely legible), Row 3
[PERKINS], Harding 1903 - 1926, Row 9
PERKINS, John A, 1850 - 1926, Father, Row 4
[PERKINS], Julia, 1859 - 1926, Mother, Row 9
PERKINS, Mary, Died 1886, Row 5
[PERKINS], Nicholas, 1856 - 1919,Father, Row 9
PERKINS, Timothy, Died 1853, Row 5
PERKINS, Victoria, 1852 - 1913, Mother, Row 4

REED, Archangel, 1834 - 1914, Row 3

SHRAKE, Henry W, 1866 - 1934, Row 12
SHRAKE, Margaret A, 1872 - 1938, Row 12

VANISKY, Joseph, 1912, Row 7
VANISKY, Louis, 1913, Row 7

WHALEN, (no name) Died 1889, Row 5

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