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Databases:  GovernmentCivil Court Case Index (1871 - 1917)Defendants
Surnames beginning with "V"

Compiled and donated by Curt Torgerson

If you find a name that you are interested in, see the info at the bottom of this page on how to obtain more information on that particular case.

The following data has been sorted by the defendant's surname (d) and includes the plaintiff's name (p), the year the case was made, along with the case number.
  • VALINSKI John (d) vs RANDOWSKI John (p) in 1882, Case # 1059
  • Van GOLDER Samuel D (d) vs SOMMER Frank B (p) in 1901, Case # 0966
  • Van SLYKE D O (d) vs CANDEE W S (p) in 1880, Case # 1053
  • Van SLYKE D O (d) vs JACOBSON Iver (p) in 1880, Case # 1055
  • Van SLYKE D O (d) vs POWERS W R (p) in 1880, Case # 1054
  • VAUGHN Peter (d) vs WAKEFIELD G M (p) in 1880, Case # 1058
  • VEITCH William P (d) vs REMONDINE Adrian J (p) in 1901, Case # 0851
  • VERNON George & Addie (d) vs VERNON Sarah (p) in 1890, Case # 1061
  • VERNON Sarah (d) vs COUSINS Thomas (p) in 1881, Case # 1187
  • VESTOK W V (d) vs McLAUGHLIN John H (p) in 1899, Case # 0634
  • VIELCH W P (d) vs State Bank of La Crosse (p) in 1904, Case # 0956
  • VILCK Chas et al (d) vs KING Amanda (p) in 1889, Case # 1060
  • Village of Arcadia (d) vs Richmond Land Realty & Adjustment Co (p) in 1904, Case # 1445
  • Village of Arcadia (d) vs Town of Arcadia (p) in 1885, Case # 1057
  • Village of Blair (d) vs H R West Co (p) in 1909, Case # 1513
  • Village of Galesville (d) vs YOUNG Wm N (p) in 1904, Case # 1529
  • Village of Osseo (d) vs MATCHETTE J (p) in 1904, Case # 1367
  • VOL Ole & GUNDERSON C G (d) vs Eau Claire Grocer Co (p) in 1896, Case # 1235
  • VOLD Ole & GUNDERSON Ole (d) vs RAMSTAD Olea (p) in 1896, Case # 1438
The above index was compiled from information located at the address below.  Please contact the ARC for more information at the link provided here, or contact them at the following address and phone number:

Area Research Center
Murphy Library Resource Center
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
La Crosse, WI 5460l
Telephone (608) 785-8511

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