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Histories:  Trempealeau Co. Historical Accounts:

"Trempealeau County" by Clarence J. Gamroth: 

Volume 1A:

Biographies:  Frances Pietrek

Frances Pietrek, An Early Settler

by Helen Marsolek, 1947

My grandmother was born in Germany in a small town called Apal (Poppeleau).  This was part of Poland taken by Germany.  To them one mile in the U. S. was five miles.  Her name was Frances Pietrek who came to this country with her parents, three brothers and one sister when she was 8 years old in 1868.  One of her brothers was quite small and died a little ways on the ship from New York.  There was no time to stop for the funeral, so a man took and buried him someplace in New York.  The ship was run by an engine and it took 13 days to get to this country.

From New York they went to Chicago and from Chicago they went by train to Milwaukee.  From Milwaukee they took a boat to Trempealeau and from there they hired a man who took them to Independence.

While in Independence she married John L. Bautch in 1876 on June 27, when she was 16 years old.

Then they moved to live on a farm near Arcadia in what is known as North Creek where they lived for 12 years.  From there they moved back to Independence and lived there for 4 years.  From there they moved back to North Creek where they lived for another 4 years.  Later they moved here to what is known as New City and lived there for 18 years.  After living there in New City, they moved to what is known as Wickham Valley.  Here they lived for 3 years.  They sold this place to their son Lewis who is still living there.  Then they moved back to Independence and lived there for 18 years.  While in New City, they had a mill which they operated for 8 years.  In the Spring, high waters would come and one year all of the mill was taken with it.  They then discontinued the mill at New City and farmed for a few years on a farm now owned by their grandson Jerome Bautch after retiring from farming.  Then they built a house near the Catholic school where they lived for the past 26 years, until my grandfather died in 1942.  My grandmother is still living there at the age of 87.

Frances Pietrek was the daughter of Andrew and Frances (Susa) Pietrek.  She was born in 1861 and died 18 Mar 1858 at 87 years (cr 1489).  On 27 Jun 1877, she married John L. Bautch who was 24 years of age (cr 35 - N. Creek)

(The above notations in parenthesis were found in the margin of the page containing the data pertaining to Frances' death and marriage dates.  It is assumed that these notations are reference information.)


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