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Databases:  Land:  1930 Farmers' Directory of Trempealeau Co. WI:  
Albion Township

- as transcribed from the "1930 Atlas and Farmers' Directory of Trempealeau County, Wisconsin"

Donated by All Parks Genealogy Group of Florence AZ

Abbreviations found on this page include:

Rt. = route
wf. = wife
ch. = children
O. = owner
R. = renter

ac. = acres
Sec. = section
( ) = years in county

S. = silo
Tel. = telephone
EL = electricity
Tr. = tractor

Names are listed alphabetically according to the post office that served the farm.  There may be more than one postoffice that served in the township, so be sure to check the full records below.  Some information is limited, but please keep in mind that all information has been included as it was found in the Farmers' Directory.

Also visit the 1930 Atlas Maps to view locations of many of these landowners' properties.

Eleva Postoffice   
ADAMS, Rube. Rt. 3. Wf. May; ch. Rex, Esther, Mildred, Wilfred. O. 160 ac. sec. 3. (50). Breeder of Plymouth
           Rock chickens, Shorthorn cattle. "Adams Farm."
ALF, Fred.  Rt. 4.  Cora Wold; ch. John. (employee). 160 ac. sec. 22. (30). Owner, John O. Wold. 1-S., Tel.,
AUSEN, Alfred. Rt. 2. Wf. Cora; ch. Sevilla, Orville, Arieen, Lillian. O. 80 ac. Sec. 31; O. 40 ac. sec. 32. (38).

BABCOCK, B. F.  Wf. Jeanette; ch. Glen, Percy. O. 80 ac. sec. 14; O. 80 ac. sec. 13. (39). Breeder of
           Percheron horses, Red Poll cattle, Plymouth Rock chickens.
BACK, George. Rt. 4. Ch. Stella, Roy, Blanche. O. 280 ac. sec. 15. (57). Breeder of Percheron horses,
           Holstein sire and Holstein dairy stock. 1-S., Tel., Tr., Carbide plant.
BERG, Mrs. Anton T. Ch. Wilfred. O. 80 ac. sec. 27. (37). Tel. 
BERG, Knut. Rt. 4. Wf. Annie; ch. Agnes, Tilman, Edna, Stanley, Delia, Norman, Francis, Doris. O. 160 ac.
           sec. 26. (53). 1-S., Tel.
BERG, Martin. Rt. 4. Wf. Emma; ch. Raymond, Harold. O. 75 ac. sec. 21. (43). 
BLIZZARD, J. W. Rt. 2. Box 102. Wf. Fannie; ch. Carol, Eva, David, Marshall, Zeinor. R. 160 ac. sec. 17.  (17).
           Owner, L. H. Severson. El.
BLODGETT, F. E. Rt. 1. Wf. Clara; ch. Frank, Cora, Joseph, Herman, Jesse, Chauncey, Roy, Mamie,
           Marshall, Richard, Ira, Lucille. O. 160 ac. sec. 4. (60). Breeder of Guernsey cattle, White Rock and
           White Leghorn chickens.
BOE, Jens. Rt. 2. Wf. Halpid; ch. Ida, Ole, Henry, Leslie, Annie, Sophia. O. 40 ac. sec. 29.   (33).   Breeder of
           White Wyandotte chickens.
BOWERS, Fred. Rt. 4. Wf. Emma. O. 120 ac. sec. 14.  Breeder of Plymouth Rock chickens. Tel., Carbide
BOYD, W.E. Rt.4. O. 80 ac. sec. 11; O. 32 ac. sec. 14. (58).  
BRAIN, Hans. Rt. 4. Wf. Sena; ch. Mary, Julia, Engvold, Hilda, Celia, Olga, Clara, . Ben. O. 120 ac. sec. 12.

CHRISTIANSON, John J. Rt. 2. Wf. Gena; ch. Tilman, Clarence, Mary, Melvin, Hazel, Joy, Palmer, Clara,
           Morton, Glenn, Violet. O. 346.50 ac. sec. 30; O. 12.50 ac. sec. 31. (16). Breeder of Poland China

DAHLBY, Bennie. Rt. 1. Wf. Ruth; ch. Roy. R. 160 ac. sec. 12.  (28). Owner, Chris Dahlby.
DAHLBY, Chris. Rt. 1. Wf. Bertha; ch. Casper, Julius, Bennie, Ludvig. O. 160 ac. sec. 12. o (58).
DAHLBY, Ole. Rt. 1. Wf. Annie; ch. Matt, Oscar, Caroline. O. 80 ac. sec. 12. (52).
DEAN, T. R. Rt. 4. O. 195 ac. Sec. 1.  O. (40).
DUTCHER, Elmer. Rt. 2. Wf. Eva; ch. Yvonne. R. 80 ac. sec. 19. (6). Owner, Ole S. Omdahl. Breeder of White
           Wyandotte chickens.
DUTTER, Dan. Rt. 4. Box 5. Wf. Lena; ch. Lyman, Palma. O. 80 ac. sec. 15. (16). 1-S., Tel., El.

ENGEN, John. Rt. 4. Mother, Mrs. Martha Engen. O. 120 ac. sec. 22. (25).
ENGEN, O. E. Rt. 1. Wf. Nettie; ch. Emma, Oscar, Albert, Alvina, Anna, Olga, Nora, Martha, Joseph, Emil,
           Bertha. O. 80 ac. sec. 3; O. 73 ac. sec. 2. (56).

FIMREITE, Theo. Wf. Olinda. O. 80 ac. sec. 4.  Breeder of Holstein dairy stock.
FOSS, Ole. Rt. 5, Box 7. Wf. Constance; ch. Carl, Rudolph, Margaret, Leo, Roy, Robert, Verna. O. 120 ac.
          sec. 5. (11). Breeder of Guernsey cattle.
FOSSUM, Arnt. Rt. 4. Wf. Clara; ch. Marvin, Arnold, Esther. O. 80 ac. sec. 28. (44).

GIBSON, Guy. Rt. 2. Wf. Esther. O. 200 ac. sec. 8; O. 40 ac. sec. 5. (54).
GIBSON, John. Rt. 5. Wf. Eva; ch. Arthur, Margaret, Duane. O. 201.66 ac. Sec. 6. (49).
GIBSON, N. D. Rt. 5. Wf. Catherine; ch. Paul. O. 120 ac. sec. 6; O. 80 ac. sec. 7.  (58).  Breeder of Holstein
           cattle, Pure Bred sire.
GILBERG, Joseph and Arup. Rt. 1. O. 80 ac. sec. 1; O. 40  ac. sec. 2. (44).
GILBERG, P. C. Rt. 1. O. 40 ac. Sec. 2. (51).
GILBERG, P. M. Rt. 1. Wf. Mabel; O. 160 ac. sec. 3.   (16).  Breeder of Holstein cattle, White Leghorn
GOSS, Minor. Rt. 4. Wf. May; ch. Lucille, Ha Mae. O. 160 ac. sec. 23; O. 120 ac. sec. sec. 18. (16). Breeder
           of Poland China sire, Holstein cattle. 1-S., Tel., Tr., El.
GRANT, John. Rt. 1. Wf. Ethel; ch. Lee, Glenn, Gladys, Agnes. O. 160 ac. Sec. 2. (57).
GUNDERSON, Henry A. Rt. 2. Wf. Nellie; ch. Hattie, Nettie, Albert, Selmer, Mina, Hjalmer, Theodore, Elwood
           O. 83.15 ac. sec. 7. (60). Tel. "Church View Farm."

HALVORSON, Arne. Rt. 2. O. 80 ac. Sec. 29. (49).
HALVORSON, John. Rt. 2. O. 80 ac. sec. 32, O. 40 ac. sec. 31. (43). Breeder of Poland China hogs.
HALVORSON, Martin. Rt. 2. O. 140 ac. sec. 29. Breeder of Shorthorn sire and cattle.
HANSON, Oscar. Rt. 1, Box 1. Wf. Josephine: ch. Sophia, Mary Jane, Doris. O. 90 ac. sec. 10 and 3. (16).
          "Pine Tree Corner."
HAUGEN, Christ. Rt. 2. Wf. Lena. O. 82 ac. sec. 31.   (42).
HAUGEN, Sam. Rt. 2. O. 80 ac. sec. 33. (43).
HELGESON, Helge. Rt. 4. Wf. Anna; ch. Clarence, Florence, Leona. O. 112.50 ac. sec. 34. (53). "Apple Hill
HELGESON, Thiman. Rt. 2. Wf. Astrid; ch. Henry, Oscar, Helmar, Lena, Tena, Edward. 200 ac. sec. 18. (57).
HENDRICKSON, Ole. Rt. 4.  Wf. Alice; ch. Hannah, Annie, Lena, Mary, Henry, Hans, Alice. O. 31 ac. Sec. 3.
HERBENSON, Orville.   Rt. 2.   Wf. Hazel;R. 80 ac. sec. 28. (21). Owner, Anna Helgeson. Breeder of White
          Leghorn chickens, Holstein cattle.
HOLDEN, Edward.  Rt. 4.  Wf. Louise; ch. Sigvald, Harold, Joseph. O. 160 ac. sec. 26. (53).
HOLDEN, John E. Rt. 4. Wf. Gena; O. 80 ac. sec. 23. (60). 1-S., Tel.
HOLTE, Henry. Rt. 2. Wf. Stella; ch. Violet, Gerald. R. 120 ac. sec. 32. (32). Owner, Paul Holte.
HOYDEN, Ole. Rt. 1. Wf. Emma. O. 80 ac. sec. 11.  (47). Breeder of Buff Orpington chickens, Jersey cattle.

IVERSON, Albert. Rt. 2. Wf. Emma; ch. Stella, Armella, Raymond. O. 80 ac. sec. 20. (39).
IVERSON, Elmer. Rt. 4. Wf. Emma; ch. Irene, Esther, Violet, Richard. O. 80 ac. sec. 21. (42).
IVERSON, Isaac. Rt. 2. Wf. Mary; ch. Mildred. 80 ac. sec. 20. (30).
IVERSON, Knut. Rt. 2. Wf. Inga; ch. Elmer, Albert, Charlie, Oscar, Isaac, Anna. O. 120 ac. sec. 21; O. 40 ac.
          sec. 20. (50).

JACKSON, Athol. Rt. 2. Wf. Florence; ch. Joyce, Donna June. R. 120 ac. sec. 9; R. 160 ac. sec. 16; R. 74 ac.
        sec. 15. (25). Owner, Wm. Jackson. Breeder of White Wyandotte chickens, Chester White and Canadian
        Bacon hogs, Guernsey cattle.
JACOBSON, Ole. Rt. 1. Wf.Alvina; ch. Joseph, Ruth, Elaine, Raymond. O. 80 ac. sec. 11;  80 ac. sec. 12. 
        (29). "Pine Hill Farm."
JACOBSON, Svend. Wf. Petra. O. 126.50 ac. sec. 27. (26). Tel.
JOHNSON, Carl K. Rt. 2. Wf. Ida; ch. Kenneth, Willard. O. 4O.75 ac. sec. 29. (35).
JONES, W. H. Rt. 4. Wf. Edith; ch. Fay, Gladys, Violet, Katie, Esther, Claire, Kenneth.80 ac. sec. 22. (57).

KELLY, Frank. Rt. 4. Wf. Effie; ch. Arthur. O. 80 ac. sec. 5. (52). 1-S., Tel.
KJENTVET, Julia. Rt. 4. Sister, Anna, Brother, Ole. O. 40 ac. sec. 33.  (39). Breeder of Ancona and Barred
         Rock chickens.
KKNUDTSON, C. A. Rt. 2. Wf. Elsie; ch. Sidney, Abner, Delia, Chester, Eveline. O. 90 ac. sec. 28. (51).
KNUTSON, Anna. Rt. 2. Mother, Ellen. O. 70 ac. sec. 28. (50).
KNUTSON, Gilbert. Rt. 4. Wf. Lena; ch. Selma, Lillian, Helma, Clarence, Harry, Esther. 55 ac. sec. 35. (48).
KNUTSON, Simon.  Rt. 4.  Wf. Gena; ch. Hansell, Stella, Alvin, Gladys, Dorothy, Eldora, Willmar, Willma. O.
         55 ac. sec. 35. (43).
KOLVE, L. V. Rt. 4. Wf. Palma; ch. Perry. O. 120 ac: sec. 21. (28). Breeder of White Leghorn chickens.

LARSON, G. A. Rt. 2. Wf. Sarah; ch. Loren, Edgar, Grant. O. 122 ac. Sec. 31. (15).
LARSON, Louis. R. 80 ac. sec. 21. (25). Owner, O. & N. Lumber Co.
LARSON, Nels. Rt. 2. ch. Christina, Tena, Louisa, Mary. O. 80 ac. sec. 29. (40).
LARSON, Palmer.  Rt. 4. , Wf. Helma; ch. Lillian, Myrna, Pearl. R. 120 ac. sec. 23. (36). Owner, State Bank of
           Strum. 1-S, Tel.
LARSON, Mrs. Sam. Rt. 4. ch. Ludwig, Selmer, Palmer, Emil, Clara, Oscar, Helga, Sammie, Harry, Louise,
           Melvin, Emma. O. 6.50 ac. sec. 15. (50).
LEE, Andrew O. Rt. 4. Wf. Mattie; ch. Palmer, Alma, Carl. O. 160 ac. sec. 35. (35). 2-8, Tel., Tr., El.
LITTLE, Chas. H. Rt. 2. Mother, Sibyl. O. 160 ac.sec.l6. (38). Breeder of Guernsey cattle.
LITTLE, W. A. Rt. 2. Wf. Freda. O. 80 ac. sec. 17. (43). Breeder of Jersey dairy stock.

MEYERS, J. L. Rt. 5. Wf. Clara Hurlburt; ch. Darrel. O. 80 ac. sec. 5. (45). Breeder of Jersey cattle, Plymouth
          Rock chickens. "Maple Grove Farm."
MISSELL, Henry. Rt. 4. Wf. Retta, ch. Lula, Percy. O.  Lloyd, Glenn, Jimmy. O. 80 ac. sec. 5; O. 80 ac. sec.
          4. (8).

NELSON, Emma. Ch. Agnes. O. 80 ac. sec. 19. (38).
NELSON, J. A. Rt. 1. Wf. Amanda; ch. Alice, James, Elaine, Esther, Norris, Florence, Richard. O. 80 ac. sec.
          2; and in Pleasant Valley Twp. Eau Claire Co. O. 120 ac. sec. 35. (54). Breeder of White Leghorn
          chickens, Durham cattle. Pure Bred sires.
NELSON, Nels A. Rt. 2. Mother, Oline; Brother, Adolph. R. 120 ac. sec. 2O. (35). Owner, Mrs. Oline Nelson.
NELSON, Nels G. Rt. 2. Wf. Barbara; ch. Tyier, Bertha, Bernice, Irene, Esther. O. 80 ac. sec. 29. (25).

OLSON, Gilbert. Wf. Tolga; ch. Betty Ariene. R. 80 ac. sec. 22. (3). Owner, Theo. Berg. Tel.
OLSON, John. Rt. 2. Wf. Mary. O. 40 ac. Sec. 10; O.  80 ac. sec. 15. (14).
OLSON, Theodore. Rt. 4. Wf. Adelaide; ch. Orrin, Jerome, Bemice, Evangeline, Richard, Donald. O. 80 ac.
          sec. 35; O. 27 ac. sec. 34. (39). Breeder of Holstein cattle. 1-S, Tel.
OMDAHL, Gust. Rt. 4. Wf. Hulda; ch. Delpha. O. 80 ac. sec. 21. (32). Breeder of Guernsey cattle, Buff
          Minorca chickens.
OMDAHL, Ole S. Rt. 2, Box 10O. Wf. Tena; ch. Stener, Gust, Gena, Edward, Albert, Norman, Tillman, Gunvor.
          O. 120 ac. sec. 17; O. 40 ac. sec.  20; O. 80 ac. sec. 19. (46).  
OTTUM, Edward.  Rt. 2.  Wf. Hazel; ch. Harold, Paul, Sarah Marie, Duane, Luverne, Alvina. R. 100 ac. sec. 29.
          (2). Owner, Theo. Halvorson.

PAULSON, Nettie. Rt. 2. Ch. Julius, Hazel, Stella, Emma. O. 160 ac. sec. 29. (31).  
PEDERSON, Obert. Rt. 2. Wf. Alice. O. 80 ac. sec. 28; O. 40 ac. sec. 33. (28). Breeder of White Leghorn
           chickens, Holstein cattle.
PEDERSON, Martin I. Rt. 2. Wf. Selma; ch. Marian. R. 200 ac. sec. 17. (46). Owner, B. H. Everson.
PERRY, I. W. Rt. 5. Wf. Nora; ch. Florence, Evelyn, Constance. O. 8O. ac. sec. 4. (32). Breeder of Buff
           Orpington chickens.
PETERSON, Even. Rt. 4. Wf. Gena. O. 79 ac. sec. 26. (60). Tel.
PETERSON, Julius. Wf. Adelaide; ch. Hensel, Lorraine, Gordon, Milton, Lucille, Dennis. O. 120 ac. sec. 27.
PETERSON, Otto.  Rt. 4.  Wf. Otilda; ch. Vernet, LeRoy, Alton. O. 40 ac. Sec. 27. (54).
PETERSON, Robert. Rt. 2. Wf. Louisa; ch. Ruth, Cora, Laura, Esther, Josie, Sidney, Leona, Claire, Percy, 
           Chauncey. O. 93.9 ac. sec. 3O. (52). Breeder of White Leghorn and Plymouth chickens, Holstein
PETERSON, Sever. Rt. 4. Wf. Mary; ch. Fern, Flossie, Spencer, Miranda, Orville, Ruth. O. 80 ac. sec. 26.
           (56). Tel.

ROSHOLN, Emil. Wf. Jennie. O. 76 ac. Sec. 11;  O. 38.5 ac. sec. 2. (40).
ROSHOLN, Obert. Wf. Mary; ch. Olga. O. 48.27 ac. sec. 2. (38).
ROSHOLN, Pete and Julius. Rt. 1. O. 160 ac. sec. 11.

SATHER, Christ. Rt. 2. Wf. Tena; ch. George, Clarence, Marie, Irvin, Bertela, Raymond, Delane. R. 160 ac.
           sec. 33. (46). Owner, P. I. Peterson.
SATHER, Mrs. Gullick. Rt. 2. Ch. Henry, Christ, Reginald, Gilbert, Martin, Anna, Theodore, Edwin, Lilly, Olaf.
           O. 160 ac. sec. 31. (23).
SCHMIDLIN, Charles. Wf. Margaret; ch. Ursula, Casper. O. 6.75 ac. sec. 9. (4).
SEGERSTROM, C. A. Rt. 3. Wf. Florence; ch. Viola, Lloyd. R. 80 ac. sec. 4. (1). Owner, Louis Monson.
SEMINGSON, Oscar S. Rt. 1, Box 4. Wf. Gena; ch. Lillian, Pearl. O. 120 ac. sec. 1O. (24). Breeder of White
           Wyandotte chickens, Holstein cattle.
SEVERSON, Ole A. Rt. 4. Wf. Caroline; ch. Gertie, Edna, Orville, Ona. O. 85 ac. Sec. 21. (60).
SEVERSON, S. A.  Rt. 4. Wf. Maggie; ch. Melvin, Selmer, Evelyn, Arnold, Sidney, Milton. O. 160 ac. sec. 33.
SHERMO, L. O. Rt. 1. Wf. Mary; ch. Otis, Lawrence, Mildred. O. 160 ac. sec. 1. (16).  Breeder of  Plymouth
           Rock chickens.
SHERMO, Marshall Otis. Rt, 1. Wf. Clara; ch. Leon. R. 80 ac. sec. 1. (24). Owner, John Dahlby.
SKOGSTAD, G. J. Rt. 4. Wf. Minnie; ch. Jerome, John, Melvin, Spencer, Irene. O. 80 ac. sec. 14. (55).
SKOUG, Ben. Rt. 4. Wf. Mary; ch. Harvey, Gordon, Lillian. O. 80 ac. Sec. 23. (53). 1-S, Tel., El.
SKOUG, Even P. Rt. 4. Wf. Lena; ch. Louise, Josephine, Ingvald, Baldwin, Levi, Selma, Albert, Martha,
           Sophia. O. 120 ac. sec. 12. (50).
STERRY, Edward.  Wf. Nettie; ch. Howard, Jessie, Palmer, Erma, Alice, Edna, Albin, Doris, Florence. O. 120
           ac. sec. 33. (52). Breeder of Holstein cattle.
STEVENS, Theo. Wf. Annie; ch. Adeline, Irene, Irvin, Violet, Ardell. O. 120 ac. sec. 27. (39).
STEVENSON, Mrs. Agneth. Rt. 2. ch. Oliver, Annie, Steven, Belle, Clara, Arthur, Theodore, Emma, Oscar,
           Alvin. O. 160 ac. sec. 16. (30).
STENERSON, Ole. O. 176 ac. sec. 34. (40).
STEWART, D. Rt. 5. Wf. Libby; ch. Floyd, David, Otis, Viola, Carl, Vivian, Bessie, Cora, James, Lucille, Alice,
           Lawrence, Leia, Ruth, Avis. R. 80 ac. sec. 6; R. 160 ac. sec. 7. Owner, J. H. Engelsby.
SYVERSON, S. R. Rt. 3. Wf. Mary; ch. Myrtle, Miranda. O. 160 ac. sec. 3. (7). Breeder of White Rock
           chickens, Holstein cattle.

TEEPLE, Kenneth.  Rt. 4.  Mother, Minnie, Sisters, Florence, Ruth.O. 80 ac. see. 14. (62). Tel., El.
THOMPSON, Albert. Rt. 2. Wf. Clara; ch. Arvid, Marian, lone, LeRoy, Adora. O. 160 ac. sec. 16. (40).
THOMPSON, James T. Rt. 5. Wf. Louise; ch. Obert. O. 135 ac. sec. 8. (47).
THOMPSON, Sever. Rt. 2. Wf. Sena; ch. James, Clarence. O. 160 ac. sec. 20; O. 200 ac. sec. 7. (31).
           Breeder of Holstein cattle.
THOMPSON, Theron. Wf. Amelia; ch. Harald, Irene, Ellen. O. 80 ac. sec. 5. (40).
TRAASETH, Gilbert. Rt. 1. Ch. Pete, Robert, Christine, Emma, Melvin, Clara, Goodwin. 160 ac.sec.1. (52).
TRAASETH, Robert. Rt. 1. Wf. Mary; ch. Joseph, Amanda, Harvey, Luveme, Irene. O. 120 ac. sec. 1. (42).
TRINDAL, Clifford.  Rt. 3.  Wf. Grace; ch. Leona, Wesley.  R. 160 ac. sec. 4.  (-1). Owner, S. C. Meyer.
           Breeder of Guernsey cattle.
TRUMAN, Ira A. Rt. 4. Wf. Jane. O. 80 ac. sec. 11; O. 45 ac. sec. 14. (42).
TWEET, Nels. Rt. 2. Wf. Eda; ch. Gordon. O. 80 ac. sec. 2O. (33). Breeder of White Leghorn chickens,
           Holstein cattle.
TWEET, Rhoda. Rt. 2. Ch. Nels, Joel, Ira, Gabriel. O. 80 ac. sec. 17; O. 40.50 ac. sec. (35).

ULBERG, Gilbert. Rt. 4. Wf. Clara; ch. Alvin, Odin, Charles, Selmer, Clayton, Gordon. R. 80 ac. sec. 15; R. 40
          ac. sec. 22. (49). Owner, John Skogstad.
UTTER, Matilda. O. 130 ac. sec. 34. (35). Tel.

VAN PELT, Geo. Rt. 4. Wf. Ethel; ch. Ray, Roy. O. 160 ac. sec. 15. (21). Breeder of Holstein cattle, Buff
          Orpington chickens, Chester White hogs.
VOID, Ole. Wf. Lena; ch. Adam, Otis, Margaret, Mildred. O. 65 ac. sec. 9; O. 40 ac. sec. 32. (60).
VOLDSNESS, Iner. Rt. 4. Wf. Martha; ch. Cora, Irene, Leonard, Spencer, Wallace, Florence, Randall, Lila,
          Dale. O. 80 ac. sec. 35. (44).

WENASS, Carl. Rt. 2. O. 80 ac. sec. 32. (35). Breeder of White Leghorn chickens, Durham cattle.
WENASS, Gilbert. Rt. 4. Wf. Josephine; ch. Almyra, Gilbert Jr., Victor. O. 80 ac. sec. (39).
WHITE, Wm. Rt. 3. Wf. Emma; ch. Nora, Mamie, Winnie, Gladys, Velma. O. 160 ac. sec. 6. (60). Breeder of
          Belgian horses.
WOLD, John O. Rt. 4. Ch. Clifford, John Minor, Cora Wold Alt. O. 160 ac. Sec. 22; O. 80 ac. sec. 23. (60).
          Breeder of Holstein cattle. 1-8, Tel., El.
WOLD, Ole S. Rt. 4, Box 17. Wf. Julia; ch. Hazel, Simon, Orville, Lester. O. 160 ac. sec. 28. (47).

Mondovi Postoffice

AUSEN BROS., Henry and Martin. Rt. 4. O. 40 ac. sec. 19; O. 40 ac. sec. 30; and in Buffalo Co. O. 40 ac.

CHRISTIANSON, Clarence. Rt. 4. Wf. Anna; ch. Raymond. O. 80 ac. sec. 19. (17). 

ENDAHL, Mrs. Hans. Rt. 4. Ch. Agnes. O. 40 ac. sec. 19. (24).
ERICKSON, Arthur. Rt. 4. R. 160 ac. sec. 18. Owner, Ulrik Ulness.
ERICKSON, Olaf. Rt. 4. Wf. Laura; ch. Wayne, William. R. 160 ac. sec. 18. Owner, Ulrik Ulness.

NESS, Clarence.  Rt. 4.  Mother, Ingeborg. O. 121 ac. sec. 19. Breeder of Holstein dairy cattle.
NESS, Ingvold. Rt. 4. O. 80 ac. sec. 19.

ULNESS, Ulrik. Rt. 4. Wf. Mary Ulson; ch. Ole, Julius, Sam, Nels, Albert, Annie, Emma, Tilla, Julia, Gena. O.
           160 ac. sec. 18. (60). Came to America in 1867 at the age of 20. After a short time in Dane Co. and
           LaCrosse Co., Wis., came to Trempealeau Co. 1870. Homesteaded his present farm where he has
           lived 60 years.

Strum Postoffice

ANDERSON, Ludvig E. Rt. 2. Wf. Blanche; ch. Beryl, Marian, Ina, Lenetta. O. 121 ac. sec. 13. (16). 1-S, Tel.,
           Tr., El.

BOCKHOUSE, W. E. Rt. 2. Wf. Lena K.; ch. Kenneth, Robert. O. 120 ac. sec. 24. (4). Tel.

ENGEN, Olaf. Wf. Esther; ch. Omar. O. 80 ac. sec. 13. (35). Breeder of Holstein cattle.

GULLIKSRUD, Sever. Rt. 2. Wf. Julene; ch. Gordon, Sidona, Joseph, Luverne, Gloria. O. 149 ac. sec. 25; O.
           80 ac. sec. 36. (51).1-S, Tel.

HAGEN, Selmer and Comell. O. 80 ac. sec. 12. (35). Breeder of Holstein cattle, Barred Rock chickens.
HAUKENESS, John. Rt. 2. Wf. Gunda; ch. John O., Glenn S., Genevieve, Donald. R. 70 ac. sec. 13. (2).
           Owner, Olaus Mattison.
HEATH, Lester. Wf. Julia; ch. Eleanor. O. 47.50 ac. sec.l3. (52).

INDGJER, Olaf. Rt. 2. Wf. Paulina; ch. Louise, Arthur, Mabel, Hartwell, Oscar, Doris, Clarence, Roman,
           Everett. O. 77 ac. sec. 24. (37). 1-S, Tel., El.

LIEN, Olaus. Rt. 2. Wf. Gena; ch. Martha, Huldah, Gunda, Oscar, Josephine, Olga, Hjalmar, Wilhelm. O. 160
           ac. sec. 25. (63). Federal Accredited herd of Guernsey cattle. 1-S, Tel., Tr., El.

OLSON, Mrs. Melvin E. Rt. 2, Box 4. Ch. Lilian, Verna, Grace, Walter. O. 120 ac. sec. 24. (45). Breeder of
           Holstein cattle, White Leghorn chickens, Chester White hogs. "Willow Grove Farm."
OLSON, Ole H. Rt. 2, Box 12. Mother, Mrs. Herman Olson. O. 11 ac. sec. 25. (23). Tel.

PEDERSON, L. O. Wf. Hilda; ch. Mabel, Ivy. O. 80 ac. sec. 13. (54). Breeder of White Leghorn chickens.  
PETERSON, Peter P. O. 120 ac. sec. 25. (60).

RICE, Mrs. Ed. Rt. 2. Ch. Mary, Clara, Inga, Olaf, Morris. O. 160 ac. sec. 25.  (60). Breeder of Holstein cattle.
          1-S, Tel., Tr.
ROGNLIEN, Lionel. Rt. 2. R.120 ac. sec. 23; R. 160 ac. sec. 26. (37). Owner, A. M. Rognlien Est.1-S, Tel., Tr.

SANDS, Joseph. Wf. Tena; ch. Joseph Jr., Robert. R. 80 ac. sec. 12. (1). Owner, Ole Jacobson.

ULNESS, Ole O. Rt. 2. Wf. Polly; ch. Mildred, Louis, Roy, Lester, Milford. O. 80 ac. sec.  (45).

WINGAD, Albert. Rt. 2. Wf. Emma; ch. Vern Rossman. O. 160 ac. sec. 24. (56). Breeder of Holstein cattle,
          Poland China and Chester White hogs. 1-S, Tel., El.
WINGAD, F. G. Rt. 2. Wf. Margaret; ch. Florence, Graves, Henrietta, David, Francis. O. 160 ac. sec. 24. (57).
          Breeder of Holstein dairy cattle, Barred Plymouth Rock chickens. 1-S, Tel., Tr., El. "Wheatland Farm."

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